Clint Eastwood to Speak at RNC Tonight, Attacks from the Left Have Already Begun



Clint Eastwood, who, by-and-large, stays out of the political scene, will speak at the RNC convention this evening. The Democrats have been sharpening their claws in preparation.

The Atlantic has the distinction of being among the first to slink into the media with an article attacking Clint Eastwood called, Clint Eastwood, Political Wanderer.

In case you didn’t guess it from the title, the attack plan, launched by the Atlantic, is to paint Clint Eastwood as a man with an attitude who is devoid of intellect on policy so don’t take him seriously. Clint Eastwood is the same man who has waylaid an amazing acting career into a brilliant career as a director, but let’s not take him seriously.

Let’s take Contraception Fluke seriously. You remember her. She has friends who have so much sex they can’t afford to pay for their own contraceptives so we have to pay for them.

With the usual condescension one has come to expect from Alinskyites, the article begins,

With the revelation that the “surprise” speaker at the Republican National Convention tonight will be Clint Eastwood, expect a lot of conservative hagiography of the 82-year-old star as an ageless representative of all-American values such as justice and self-reliance.

The Democrats have, in one paragraph, demonized any attempt to value the words of Clint Eastwood as an effort at canonizing a political nomad deserving of no more respect than a Captain who attempts to sail without a rudder. The paragraph also includes  a sneer and a jab at the Republican effort to talk about the values that made America great. Great writing but nasty and dishonest.

The author admits he knows little of Eastwood’s politics so he uses Eastwood’s films and a few comments from his past as “evidence” that he’s not to be taken seriously.

The lefties loved Eastwood when he made the SuperBowl commercial but now his face is on all their dartboards.

The Atlantic is only the beginning of the onslaught to begin on MSNBC tonight and to continue through next week when the media will worship at the altar of the womanizing Bill Clinton, the contraception queen Sandra Fluke, the dopey Republican-basher, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, et al.