Clinton Donor Appointed to Control Release of Hillary’s State Department Records


Judicial Watch (JW) reported Tuesday that John Kerry picked a Clinton donor to be the State Department “email czar” aka “transparency coordinator”. This is at the same time that the chairman of the Benghazi committee Trey Gowdy has publicly expressed frustration over the inability of Congress to get documents from the State Department.

Trey Gowdy

Trey Gowdy recently told Mike Gallagher on his radio show that “Mrs. Clinton has answered several of the questions but the problem is that every answer she has provided has been demonstrably false, so that’s why we keep asking.”

Democrats in support of Clinton such as Adam Schiff boycott the committee and want it to end. Gowdy’s response to that is, “The only reason anyone is talking about secretary Clinton is because of this unusual email arrangement she had.”

She said “I turned over everything, I had no duty to do so.,” Gowdy said, adding, “Are you kidding me? What you turned over, half of it by your own admission is public record. What do you mean you had no obligation to turn over the public record? That is dumbfounding to me.”

Gallagher asked if “there was one thing he would have done differently in terms of this entire investigation?”

“I would have been less naïve…The legislative branch is not terribly well-equipped to conduct investigations and in other words I can’t send the sheriff to get documents, I don’t have access to a grand jury…it took me a little while, longer than it should have, to figure out the State Department had no interest whatsoever in producing documents…I guess I assumed Secretary Kerry would care enough about his reputation that he wouldn’t waste his capital for protecting his predecessor, but I have been dead wrong. We are having a very difficult time getting documents from the State Department and frankly, their defense of her email arrangement has been staggering.”

If Trey Gowdy thinks it was difficult getting information before, it will be far more difficult now. The government leaders don’t care what the public thinks. In their arrogance and firm belief that we are all stupid or not paying attention, they are brazenly snubbing their proverbial noses at the American public.

There is always the remote possibility she will rush all of the documents out and not forget a one.Jacobs_3

Kerry appointed Janice Jacobs, a former career diplomat to be the State Department’s “Transparency Coordinator”.

It is she who who will decide how to respond to public-record requests involving Hillary’s secret email account. In fact, she will handle all congressional requests.

Kerry shh

Kerry appointed the transparency czar to ensure the records are responded to promptly without directly undercutting Clinton, according to reports cited by JW. Kerry is also frustrated over the distraction which “overshadowed his diplomatic efforts.”

Jacobs recently contributed $2,700 – the maximum amount allowed – to the Hillary for America presidential campaign fund, Federal Election Commission records show.

She is also a long-term State Department insider.

This government doesn’t even pretend they are trying to get at the truth or are using neutral parties unless you believe she was appointed to get the truth out.

“A veteran State Department official told JW in March that on at least half a dozen occasions Clinton’s top aides asked the State Department’s Office of Security Technology to approve the use of an iPad and iPhone. Each time the request was rejected for security reasons.”

Still Hillary did whatever the hay she wanted and now she is being protected.


  1. Gowdy, while initially impressive, is a total dud. He didn’t realize that the Clinton crime family and its mafia overlords in the white house were going all they could do to cover up their criminal activities? Please, spare me the Mordor on the Potomac BS. It didn’t take long for Gowdy to catch the dreaded DC insider virius.

    Why is it when the Marxists run the investigations they never stop till someone is in jail? And Gowdy’s excuse is he supposed Kerry would protect his “honor?” Is this what passes for intelligence and judgement in our elected officials. Everyone in DC knows State is the biggest collection of lepers and love children from the love scene in Deliverance that is known to man. State is to be trusted slightly less than Mexican tap water and Gowdy believed Obama and his MS-13 posse?

    Let’s face it, we’re doomed. Better to burn the whole thing down and start anew. Let the Marxists create their own people’s paradise, but let the normal Americans go in peace. Then we should build barriers against them and their spawn. Marxists are people who read Marx. Capitalists are people who understand Marx.

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