Clinton Foundation Is a “Classic Rico Organized Crime” Case


Newt Gingrich told Sean Hannity on his show last night what he thought might have led to the FBI reopening of the Clinton email scandal which, ten days before an election, is unprecedented.

Gingrich said Comey is in an “impossible position” and “This is really amazingly bad for the Federal Bureau of Investigation.”

In 1972 Richard Nixon carried 49 states, he got 60.7% of the vote, the highest number since World War 2, and a year and a half later he was out of office, Gingrich reminded the audience. “The American people are about to have a candidate who is clearly going to be under criminal investigation for the entire first and second year of her presidency, if she could even survive it,” he said.

As an aside, this is her third FBI investigation – people keep forgetting Whitewater.

Andy McCarthy has an article out, Gingrich said, in which he explains that the Clinton Foundation is a classic RICO organized crime operation. Every single standard that would be applied to the Mafia or a Mexican drug cartel or any other group, the Clinton family business is in fact a corporation engaged in organized crime.

Excerpts from the article:

Felony mishandling of classified information, including our nation’s most closely guarded intelligence secrets; the misappropriation and destruction of tens of thousands of government records — these are serious criminal offenses. To this point, the Justice Department and FBI have found creative ways not to charge Hillary Clinton for them.

After describing the FBI’s situation in reopening the email case, McCarthy continued:

One thing, however, is already clear. Whatever the relevance of the new e-mails to the probe of Clinton’s classified-information transgressions and attempt to destroy thousands of emails, these offenses may pale in comparison with Hillary Clinton’s most audacious violations of law: Crimes that should still be under investigation; crimes that will, in fitting Watergate parlance, be a cancer on the presidency if she manages to win on November 8.


Mrs. Clinton appears to have converted the office of secretary of state into a racketeering enterprise. This would be a violation of the RICO law — the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act of 1971 (codified in the U.S. penal code at sections 1961 et seq.).

Hillary and her husband, former president Bill Clinton, operated the Clinton Foundation. Ostensibly a charity, the foundation was a de facto fraud scheme to monetize Hillary’s power as secretary of state (among other aspects of the Clintons’ political influence). The scheme involved (a) the exchange of political favors, access, and influence for millions of dollars in donations; (b) the circumvention of campaign-finance laws that prohibit political donations by foreign sources; (c) a vehicle for Mrs. Clinton to shield her State Department e-mail communications from public and congressional scrutiny while she and her husband exploited the fundraising potential of her position; and (d) a means for Clinton insiders to receive private-sector compensation and explore lucrative employment opportunities while drawing taxpayer-funded government salaries. continue reading…

Hannity said he finds it hard to believe it doesn’t tie into Wikileaks and said, “I think that James Comey realized this was going to be the single most embarrassing scandal in the history not only of the FBI but electoral politics and he used that opportunity to reopen it to save face because he probably realizes what WikiLeaks has is devastating to his decision making.”

Gingrich agreed and said, “I think all of us should join John Podesta in demanding that the FBI release everything by Monday. I mean, why shouldn’t the American people see all of these emails? Hillary has assured us that none of them involve secrets, so let’s take her at her word. None of them involve secrets. They should release every single email by Monday.

It wasn’t only John Podesta who made those comments, Hillary did as well but for them it was merely a clever ruse because they both know the FBI can’t do that during an investigation.

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