Clock Boy Is Baaack!

Clock boy with the genocidal maniac, the Butcher of Sudan
Clock boy with the genocidal maniac, the Butcher of Sudan

Ahmed Mohamed is the 14-year old Muslim boy who was arrested for bringing what looked like a facsimile of a small suitcase bomb to school and refusing to answer police questions. He told his teacher and later told the press that it was a homemade clock but that’s not what it was. He’s back and he’s suing his former school.

Ahmed is famous for taking the face off a clock and putting it in a pencil case with wires dangling which made it look like a bomb — and it ticked. .

The school officials and police didn’t really think it was a bomb but when he was uncooperative, they came to the conclusion it might be a bomb hoax and arrested him.

The school and police were roundly criticized because if you see something, you should say something unless its’ a Muslim boy with a clock that looks like a bomb.

He was suspended for three days and the school dropped the charges of possession of a hoax bomb.

When a clock looks like a bomb, it’s Islamophobia.

Ahmed’s lawsuit is charging that the school violated his civil rights in a lawsuit that was filed in Irving, Texas.

The lawsuit claims the school has a history of anti-Muslim and anti-black animus.

The school “gets a ‘D’ for anti-Muslim sentiment and politicising history, it gets an ‘F’ for continuing a long tradition of racial disparity in student discipline,” the lawsuit read.

His sister was accused of making a bomb threat two years before.

Nothing against Ahmed or his sister, his parents and their handlers are pushing this.

“I have lost my innocence. I can never look at the world in the same way,” the teenager recently told The Independent.

“I like science, but I look like a threat because of my brown skin.”


The family had been living in Qatar but clock boy, as Ahmed has become known, wanted to return to the US.

“I want to go back to a place where everyone knows me…like when I was a kid,” he whined during an interview with Dallas’ KTVT.

In November his family demanded $15 million compensation and written letters of apology, otherwise they said they would file a lawsuit.

Ahmed was invited to meet the president at the White House [Obama never misses an opportunity to divide us along racial lines], as well as invites to the offices of Nasa, Google and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

By the time, clock boy met the president, everyone knew the clock was not an invention and this was a very brief hello and goodbye.


Ahmed’s father is a 9/11 conspiracy theorist. Ahmed met with The Butcher of Sudan at the time, a monster who his father has ties to.

If you look at the suitcase clock, a clock, and Ahmed’s clock, you can determine for yourself what you think it looks like.

The clock was a fraud.

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