Clock Boy Makes a Pitiful Admission

Clock Boy with genocidal maniac, the Butcher of Sudan
Clock Boy with genocidal maniac, the Butcher of Sudan

Clock Boy made a pitiful admission yesterday – he’s ready to come home. He wants to come back now.

“I want to go back to a place where everyone knows me…like when I was a kid,” he whined during an interview with Dallas’ KTVT.

He’s coming back for a visit over the Christmas holiday. Oh joy!

He’s afraid because armed protesters gathered outside his mosque in Irving, Texas last week calling for an end to “the Islamization of America.

“I was scared because I’ve heard what happened recently with, like, people with guns going to my local mosque,” Ahmed said. “It’s scary because people with guns and, I mean, they have the right to do that, but it’s scary because I’m afraid, you know.”

Ahmed is demanding $15 million from both the city where he lived and his former school district because he was taken to the police station after his hoax bomb incident.

Ahmed's fake clock bomb
Ahmed’s fake clock bomb

He may want to come back but many in Irving are probably just as happy if he stays in the terror-sponsoring nation of Qatar. The woman who participated in the tragic events in San Bernardino was an import from Qatar according to some reports.

Stay in Qatar Clock Boy. Sue them next time.

Clock Boy: