CNBC Press Corpse Chooses Hillary-Loving Moderator John Harwood



One has to wonder if the CNBC hit squad moderating the debate consulted with Hillary Clinton while putting their questions together for last night’s GOP debate.

If the role of a presidential debate moderator is debating the presidential candidates, CNBC’s John Harwood is an exemplary moderator.

Throughout both the undercard debate as well as the main event, Harwood distinguished himself by not just asking tough, attack questions, but asking them in the most insulting possible way — interrupting candidates mid-reply, offering his own editorializing, and shouting down candidates hoping to defend themselves.

This montage and the comment is from Grabien:

Meet John Harwood, one of three very nasty CNBC moderators. He’s a leftist who hates Republicans but he pretends he’s non-partisan.


Read a good article about him at The Federalist


  1. This guy is an absolute disgrace!! He couldn’t even try to be a decent person during the debate .. it says a lot about CNBC for allowing such a bias, rude, disrespectful person host a debate .. I for one WILL NOT be watching CNBC.. this guy is an idiot and the others weren’t any better ..

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