CNN Apologizes for “Inadvertently” Lying About Sylville’s Sister Telling Rioters to “Burn the Suburbs”



When a black police officer shot and killed an armed criminal, the New York Times characterized it as the shooting of an unarmed man, setting off the initial chain of events in Milwaukee. CNN continued the mischaracterization with deceitful headlines and articles portraying the rioters as an “angry crowd” and the riots as “protests”.

They then mischaracterized the statements by an irrational sister of the so-called victim, Sylville Smith.

This is how they reported her comments:


But listen to what she actually said — she told them to burn the suburbs down thinking they are all white:

It wasn’t only CNN, it was a number of outlets that lied in support of the rioters and now the black police officer’s life is in danger — he is receiving death threats — and his career is probably over.

The journalists responsible should have been fired but we allow anything now.


  1. “.@CarolCNN apologizes for not airing full clip of Milwaukee victim’s sister” —-

    Excuse me, but what definition of VICTIM are they using???
    Isn’t a VICTIM someone who from no fault of there own has a tragedy befall them?
    The media are sick sick sick.

  2. CNN does this all time, take comments out of context, twist the narrative to promote the liberal agenda, cut and splice videos, put on incredibly stupid people to back up Hillary, 24/7 coverage of Trump bashing, but won’t take Hillary to task on her baggage!!!!

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