CNN Gets Hoisted on Their Own Petard


Sometimes left-wing media outlets get a taste of their own medicine and CNN’s recent loss is a case in point. CNN is being forced – after 11 years of fighting it – to rehire or compensate about 100 former workers and 200 without a contract thanks to the Obama-union controlled National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). The Board makes no effort to act impartially though they claim to be an independent board.

CNN replaced unionized Team Video Services with in-house non-union staff. An administrative judge in 2008 said it was anti-union. They exhibited “anti-union animus” according to Variety.

CNN is a private company and should be allowed to hire and fire whoever they want whether we like their decision or not. Any disagreement with a union is anti-union to the NLRB which makes it hard to know if this decision was fair or not.

party of no

CNN has 14 days to rehire the employees and they have to compensate them all for adverse tax consequences, salary, benefits and so on plus they can’t show any anti-union sentiments.

CNN disagrees with the decision and is looking at options.

The president of the National Association of Broadcast Employees and Technicians-Communication Workers of America is very happy with the decision.

CNN does appear to be less than honorable at times. In December of last year, CNN laid off more than 40 employees, many close to retirement. In 2012, they dumped their investigative reporters.

What do they need investigative journalists for when they can do it cheap and easy and not investigate with any semblance of depth and integrity.

They will now have to pay the liberal piper.

Source: abc news