CNN Report of 44 States Refusing to Give Data to the Election Committee Is Not True!

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach

Holy! CNN reported that 44 states and the District of Columbia refused to provide certain types of voter information to the Trump administration’s election integrity commission. The NY Daily News followed up with an article about 44 out of 50 states declining to provide data, citing the CNN report. Forbes and Slate cited the same CNN report. The Washington Post put out the same false report.

Only it’s not true

It’s only 14 states and the District of Columbia that have refused, Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach said on Wednesday. Kobach is the vice chairman of the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity.

“At present 20 states have agreed to provide the publicly available information requested by the commission and another 16 states are reviewing which information can be released under their state laws,” Kobach said in a statement. “In all, 36 states have either agreed or are considering participating with the Commission’s work to ensure the integrity of the American electoral system.”

President Donald Trump created the commission by executive order in May. The commission sent a letter to all 50 states last Wednesday requesting a bevy of voter data, all public information.

As it turns out, CNN’s report was false. All those outlets relying on it were left with an inaccurate report.


  1. It’s really disingenuous for those to complain when these same states actually SELL this same information, or at least make it available to “researchers” which is the purpose of the Panel.

    Furthermore, some are using the State vs Federal argument. I’ve heard politicians even say it is “Unconstitutional”. Well maybe these Educated bureaucrats and Educated elites should READ the Constitution. The Constitution states the Congress has “legislative authority” in regulating. Therefore, There Is a Federal component.

    • Yes and of course the feds have a role in ensuring that elections to federal office are done properly.
      “Unconstitutional” is a word used nowadays by progressives for anything they do not like. They are complicit in the vote fraud by not purging the voter lists. They are required in their own state laws and rules to do so. Some democrats have explicitly stated that they will not work on removing names, just adding names. One was Carnahan’s daughter in Missouri.

  2. Hey CNN lets talk about this……More Than 5,000 Non-Citizens Caught On Virginia’s Voter Rolls ………

  3. Anything big like this that comes out of the media culture nowadays should be assumed to be false. Adopting the beliefs and news of the US pop culture media is for the weak minded.

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