CNN Says Islam Is Part of the Founding of the USA


CNN’s United Shades of America focused on Muslim and Arab communities in the U.S. One of the program’s messages from host W. Kamau Bell, is that Islam is part of our founding and was always part of America.

CNN is promoting an absurd claim that the left-wing is using to rewrite history.

“Islam has always been part of the American fabric,” one Muslim man tells Bell at an anti-Trump event in Detriot. “A lot of people think that Islam is from a foreign country, or is a foreign religion. It’s not — it’s very American.” The man criticized “those more violent voices in our society,” clearly not referring to radical Islamists. Seemingly impressed by the man, Bell asks, “When are you running for mayor?” and compares him to a “young Barack Obama.”

It’s definitely not American, especially not Sharia law. We have President Erdogan of Turkey claiming the Turks discovered America, not Columbus, so why not?

In his 2009 Cairo speech, Obama told the Muslim world that “Islam has always been a part of America’s story.”  He didn’t offer proof because there is none.

CNN correspondent Dean Obeidallah asserted Saturday that “Islam has been here since the time of slavery, because 10 to 15% of the African slaves brought were Muslim. So Islam was here before the creation of the United States. It was actually part of the creation of the United States of America.”

If they were Muslims, the religion went absolutely nowhere in this country.

Later on in the program, Obeidallah said 25 to 30% of the slaves were actually Muslims. There’s no proof whatsoever, but if they were Muslim slaves, the operators of the slave market were also Muslims.

It certainly is possible, though unproven, that some of the slaves were Muslims, however, nothing of the religion made any mark at all.

Judaism flourished, why didn’t Islam if it was such an important part of our founding? The Founding Fathers were adamant about freedom of religion. Wouldn’t they have made a place for it?

There is no evidence in our culture that Islam had any role in our Founding.

If it were true, we’d gladly report it, but we are opposed to rewriting history. That’s the kind of thing Joe Stalin did.

It might be significant in the future. PBS wrote, it is “the second largest religion in America…Many Muslims have responded by becoming more active in the American political process, striving to educate their neighbors about their religion and history.”

h/t Breitbart


  1. The sad thing is, children now and future kids will be brainwashed at public schools with this kinda S@#t, along with the millions of idiots that watch CNN and believe what they say to be fact. to claim that it predates, or was part of, the Founding, is fake history and “fake news.

    • Please someone ! Stop the left from destroying everything they touch!!

      Leftists are more insane and more bold everyday, it seems they will not stopp until they have destroyed everything good and sane.

      I read earlier that in Germany they are thinking of making it legal for people to have sex with animals…I thought it was a joke or fake news but it seems to be true.

      The left is destroying everything good and sane, and they will not stop until western civilization falls and is replaced by some primitve barbaric civilization.

  2. We get so much bogus history from Hollywood movies these days. If you believed recent movies, the only reason the US won the second world war or put men into space was because of the efforts of black Americans.

  3. Exactly Robert… to the shores of Tripoli. Islam was part of the fabric of America because they attacked us and took Americans into slavery. Oops, but those Muslims slave holders were not part of the white patriarchy so it must have been ok.

  4. Are any liberal morons in liberal media educated ? A degree today means nothing, as most given to many are as good as the toilet paper I use in the morning. Apparently in today’s liberal education system where all get a liberal indoctrination and few get a real education, you get a degree if you voted for Obama, support socialism, live Islamic Terrorists, hate Trump, and despise white people and America. Either way, those at CNN are morons, and wrong, Islam has zero to do with America, and is totally incompatible with our Constitution, our laws, and our freedom.

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