CNN Suggests Redoing the 2016 Election


A CNN contributor said Sunday that we should redo the 2016 election because of alleged Russian hacking.He was responding to Donald Trump’s comments earlier in the day that the idea of Russian hacking was “ridiculous”.

Interestingly, the contributor wants the electoral college to know before the 13th when they vote that Russia interfered in our elections. Is that what Democrats are pushing now?

Robert Baier said:

“Well, Boris, trump — I mean, Trump is right. The CIA got it wrong. But you have to remember that the books were cooked in the White House. It was the White House’ demand for information that he still had weapons of mass destruction. I used to do — I was in charge of Iraqi operations. And the rank and file knew that we didn’t know. And it was just guesswork. The White House didn’t care. They put it out. So trump is half right, but we have to look at is the fact that the Russians, it looks like to me, did interfere in our elections. We’ll never be able to decide whether they changed the outcome. But I’ll tell you, having worked in the CIA, if we had been caught in interfering in European elections or Asian elections or anywhere in the world, those countries would call for new elections. Any democracy would. And I just, I don’t see it any other way. The Electoral College, before the 19th, has got to know whether the Russians had an effect. Whether they went to Wikileaks, whether they hacked e-mail, and whether they affected American opinion. And they had a good reason not to go out, to go after Hillary Clinton, because Putin hates her for the Ukraine.”

Notice how the media has changed the discussion? It’s no longer about the legitimate lies and corruption exposed in the emails by the media and the Clinton campaign. It’s now a discussion about Russians.

Donald Trump on Fox News Sunday said the intelligence agencies “have no idea” if Russians hacked.

Chris Wallace had referred to the ridiculous CIA report The Washington Post and the New York Times put out on Friday. The bogus report was “covert” by “anonymous” sources and concluded they had “no specific intelligence.” The Times also claimed that Russians hacked the RNC but didn’t release that because they wanted to get Trump elected.

WaPo and the Times engaged in the worst kind of journalism. This isn’t factual, it’s editorials.

Then we have John McCain causing problems.

Was it really necessary for faux Republican John McCain to give more soundbites to the mainstream media and the Democrat Party? Apparently he thinks so.

On Sunday he contradicted President-elect Donald Trump’s comments about reports of Russian interference in the U.S. election by saying that “facts are difficult things.” What “facts”?

He’s probably basing that on the fact that there is no evidence and only guesswork.

McCain, in an appearance on CBS’ “Face the Nation,” replied, “I don’t know what to make of it, because it is clear the Russians interfered.”

It’s clear?

He didn’t say why the Russians hacked at least.

“Now, whether they intended to interfere to the degree that they were trying to elect a certain candidate, I think that is a subject of investigation,” he said.

John McCain and Lindsey Graham are pushing to head up a committee of inquiry. They have to know the Russian hacking story is in part a Democrat ploy to take attention away from their failures. They hate Donald Trump.

McCain claims Russians hacked into the campaign “sort of every week or so.” He knows this how? He suggested they hacked the RNC.

In a Fox interview, Reince Priebus, incoming White House chief of staff, refuted the notion of the Russians ever hacking the Republican National Commitee in an interview on ABC’s “This Week.”

He later blew up at Chuck Todd and said, “The Russians didn’t hack the RNC”. He would know.

The NY Times claimed that Wikileaks had hacked emails from the RNC but didn’t publish them.

McCain also thinks the Russians have interfered in “a lot of other elections.” Again, where’s the proof?

McCain dismissed Russian President Putin as “a thug and a murderer and a killer and a KGB agent” and said the Russians tried to “shut down” the economy of Estonia. That’s likely true.

Trump merely wants to try to get along with Russia because clearly Barack Obama’s approach didn’t work and the idea of going to war with a nuclear nation is dangerous. Why can’t Trump try? He’s using a business approach. At least he’s not giving 20% of US uranium and other US technology to Russia as Hillary Clinton did.

When host John Dickerson suggested that Trump “doesn’t seem to share your view of Russia,” McCain responded that he hopes the president-elect will “listen to people like General Mattis,” Trump’s choice for secretary of defense.