CNN Tech Fired for Dressing Strangely, Claims Gay Discrimination


We have moved on from welcoming LGBTs iton the workplace to accepting any clothes they might choose to wear – anything else could be anti-gay discrimination.

A gay man, William Kane, married to a Mexican man, went to work at CNN as a mic-tech in bright-colored mariachi clothes with huge sombreros or gawdy athletic clothes.

He was asked by his boss, John Silva, to not wear the flamboyant outfits. Silva allegedly said, “because it was too flamboyant for a male in our department.”

Kane is suing over his firing and according to his $60 million discrimination suit, Silva added that Kane might be better suited in the “entertainment or makeup department.”

Kane claims he was fired because Silva learned he was gay.

It is seriously doubtful that Silva didn’t know that all along.

It couldn’t have anything to do with the fact that Kane was dressed inappropriately in what is a professional environment?


Kane said he never heard complaints when he wore his hot pink designer shirt for his employee photo ID nor did he when he wore his bright red track jacket, neon green soccer jersey or yellow track suit with matching shoes and hat.

Sounds like someone should have said something sooner but there is that PC problem and the fear of lawsuits and bad publicity.

Kane is saddened and said, “I feel like the Rosa Parks of CNN. Maybe someone else won’t have to suffer the way I have, ” he told the Daily News.

Rosa Parks? It sounds like all he had to do was dress professionally. Rosa Parks was discriminated against because of the color of her skin.

Kane showed the Daily News his 11 custom-made mariachi suits and 100 “eye-wateringly bright track suits.” Apparently this is the way he dressed for work regularly.


Pictured with Christiane Amanpour

Kane said Christiane Amanpour and Fareed Zakaria thought his suits were incredible.

That they are, that they are.

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