CNN Video Proves Democrat Party Is Causing Trouble at Trump Events


James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas put out two videos so far of their undercover work at Democrat Party headquarters. They nailed the top dogs, including Bob Creamer who has been at the White House 342 times and who met personally with Barack Obama 40 times and Michelle Obama 25 times. The videos show serious and well-orchestrated voter fraud by the Democrat Party, using foreigners who are ineligible to vote as one example of their complex plan.

A CNN video proves James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas video was right. The Democrat Party apparatus is the astroturf causing riots outside Republican events to sway public opinion .

Here is another email – 9790 – from the 13th batch out today that shows coordination by Eric Walker and Luis Miranda at the DNC with Bob Creamer .


Trump addressed Team Clinton causing the trouble at his events.

“Well, first of all, those stories have been largely debunked. Those people — I don’t know those people. I have a feeling how they came,” Trump said. “I believe it was her campaign that did it. Just like if you look at what came out today on the clips where I was wondering what happened with my rally in Chicago and other rallies where we had such violence? She’s the one and Obama that caused the violence. They hired people — they paid them $1,500, and they’re on tape saying be violent, cause fights, do bad things.”

Nice summary from David Clarke about the debate last night.