CNN’s Acosta Looks Like an Idiot as He Challenges OMB Director Mulvaney


CNN’s Jim Acosta tried to spar with OMB Director Mick Mulvaney during today’s presser but came up short as usual. Acosta actually asked why there is a shutdown when the GOP controls congress and the White House.

Mulvaney explained that you need 60 votes in the Senate to pass the spending bill and there are only 51 Republicans. They need Democrats. He also said, Come on, you know that and Acosta admitted he did.

Acosta, undeterred by his idiotic performance, then tried to say the President shut down the DACA talks. The truth is that the ‘compromise’ offered by the RINOs and Democrats was citizenship for DACA, no wall, increased chain migration, and a new name for the lottery. That’s a “compromise”?

Mulvaney answered it this way, why is DACA being put into a spending bill? It’s unrelated.


  1. I would LOVE, really LOVE to see Acosta take the MOCA test. This confrontation hearkens back when Acosta literally could NOT understand the difference between “health insurance” and “health care”. But I’ve noticed many in that room are not the cream of the crop. The overwhelming amount of ridiculous and at times Stupid questions is certainly a poor representation of the country. It’s on full display in travels abroad when Our media appear as foolish compared to the “intelligent” questions of foreign media, and our media are none the wiser.

  2. Acosta ‘LOOKS like an idiot?? Acosta should be kicked off of the White House Press Corps. He is not a journalist he is just an agent of the left who can not ask a decent reasonable question. All he does is harass Sara or the President or whoever is giving a briefing. He is the perfect guy to get his teeth knocked out be some lady’s husband for making a snide remark. Only the husband has to ask himself: “Can I really take out some little slimy shit like this?” And then Acosta keeps moving his mouth and insulting the wife and he ends up in the hospital with a borken jaw, busted nose and eyeballs hanging out. He really is like a Junior High School kiid who is incorrigible and who is the kid the whole faculty wants to be removed from the school. Acosta interferes with the only few relevant questions that the more intelligent Journalists ask to get real answers.
    Take that screaming asshole off of the Whitehouse Press Corps.. Really, folks. Take him off and put him in a locked room. Put chucki Schumer and dicki Durbin in the same locked room with a coloring book and crayons………………………………………

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