Chris Cuomo Says Journalists Being Called ‘Fake News’ Is Like the ‘N’ Word


CNN’s Chris Cuomo said calling a journalist “fake news” is equivalent to the “n” word. That’s hardly a legitimate comparison given what black people have suffered historically. How does someone draw moral equivalence between a journalist not being considered reliable and a black person being called a name dating back to the slave era?

This is why he in particular is fake news. He doesn’t know he shouldn’t make this comparison.

The media are the ones who started calling everyone on the right, including Fox News, “fake news”.

They reap what they sow and now that we know it bothers them, there’s no holding back. The solution of course is for them to go back to becoming actual journalists.

Speaking of fake news, the media says they’re great. According to the media, they are innocents who have been dragged into the chaos. Journalists only make mistakes here-and-there. They are honest and they are right.

Listen to what they say about the opposition party.


  1. I love CNN and MSNBC, they are better than SNL, their lies and hypocrite panel of idiots are the best!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. No mention that Chris Cuomo was proving that Trump lied (again)? Come on now…that’s the big takeaway from that exchange? Trump lied because a Senator shared what the Supreme Court nom stated about Trump’s ridiculous remarks. Trump is an absolute embarrassment.

  3. No mention that the Senator Richard Blumenthal, who never fought in Vietnam when he said for years he had, Come on now… its fine to go after Trump for lies past and present, which they do, but lets also talk about all the liars, Let’s not forget Chris Cuomo’s infamous foray into the Wikileaks dilemma this summer, telling viewers that it was, in fact, illegal to view the Wikileaks — that they should reserve such a privilege to the professionals in the media’ Cnn and MSNBC totally danced around Queen Hillary’s numerous lies,

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