CNN’s Phil Mudd Says Deep State Is “Going to Kill” President Trump, In Fact, He Calls for It


CNN commentator Phil Mudd said the deep state is “going to kill” Trump while he sat on a panel discussing the latest anti-Trump issue on The Lead with Jake Tapper. Tapper called him on it.

Mudd said, “as a former government official, government’s going to kill this guy, this guy’s defending Putin…this is how you defend us?”

Tapper said, obviously, you mean that figuratively. On Tapper’s second try, Mudd said, “yes, obviously”, and then continued once again explaining why the government will kill the President. Tapper then cut him off.

They should have kept Jeffrey Lord and fired this guy.

Listen to the clip. It sounds like he means “kill” literally, not figuratively.


  1. it wouldn’t surprise me that the deep state is grooming a leftist goofball patsy Lee Harvey Oswald, be very careful PDJT!!!!

  2. Here’s a reminder. It was a Bernie Sanders lefty that tried to assassinate as many Republican Congressmen as he could.

  3. If someone does succeed in a assassination i personally know people that will take to the streets across this country to even the score. We will not take this sitting down!

  4. Pastor: senior republican told me of plan to take out trump.
    We can revolt, but it won’t change the fact that America will never have another president determined to save us. We will head into a one world order so fast our heads will spin. God bless and save president Trump and the United States of America.

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