CNN’s Race-Baiting Commentator Angela Rye Cries Over TSA Vaginal Pat Down


Angela Rye is a race-baiting political commentator for CNN and NPR. She was stopped by TSA for a random check while flying from Detroit to New York.

Rye said it was not a standard pat-down. In made her cry.

She wrote in an article on CNN the next day about her “humiliating” experience. “The pat-down began and was uneventful,” she said, “until she went down my leg, up my dress, and her hand sideways hits me right in the crack of my labia. Startled, I jump and feel a lump in my throat trying to hold back tears. What happened to the back handed pat-down?”

“She comes around to the front; I grow nervous and pull back a bit, afraid of the same thing happening ― and her sideways hand hits in the middle of my genitals again. I can no longer hold back the tears.”

The TSA does allegedly think it went too far according to HuffPo.

She is the founder and CEO of Impact Strategies and wants to see reparations. Go to 6:48:



  1. lucky she had her camera crew there,, and lucky the tsa lady had on rubber gloves,,would’ nt want to touch that pigs hootch

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