Code Enforcers Won’t Allow A Florida Man To Paint His House Like A Flag


patriotic protest

A patriotic protest by a Florida man could net him some serious fines.

Someone complained about an old Christmas tree out in front of Brent Greer’s house in Manatee County Florida. That brought him to the attention of code enforcement tyrants who told him his house wasn’t in compliance because of peeling paint and signs of rot and decay on his home.

His home is 110 years old and the enforcement officer told Mr. Greer that it needs about 110 years of maintenance on it.

In protest to what he views as unfair treatment, Mr. Greer painted his house like an American flag.

Very apropos!

Greer has 90 days to get in compliance or start paying $100 a day in fines. He’s not allowed to have a house that looks like a flag.

Government tells everyone what to do about everything these days.

You will comply, resistance is futile, you will be assimilated.