Col. Peters: Feinstein’s Giving ‘Aid and Comfort to the Enemy’, Hillary’s Demented



Branco cartoon via Legal Resistance

Sen. Dianne Feinstein, backed by the communist-inspired ACLU, will dredge up the CIA actions pre-Obama, releasing a lengthy report demonizing the CIA and George Bush. This is purely political and meant to distract from Obama’s scandalous behavior.

The elections didn’t go well and they need to get back to the “hate hate-filled Republicans” narrative for 2016. This is part of the Get Out the Vote effort by Dems. That’s how they roll.

Feinstein knew about all of the CIA faux “torture” techniques after 9/11 but she and her colleagues are so anxious to rewrite history that they are willing to torture the CIA men and women who put their lives on the line and they are wiling to put our military overseas at risk.

This follows Hillary Clinton saying we should empathize with the madmen in the Middle East. Who will empathize with our military and CIA?

Lt. Col. Peters said releasing the report at this time amounts to nothing less than providing “aid and comfort to the enemy.” He also called Hillary “unfit” and “demented.”

“It’s a betrayal of these officers who keep us safe,” Peters said.

What really alarms me…beyond Obama and the Obama White House…we’ve lost the will to win…our enemies…have a greater strength of will…they’re determined to win and we’re worried about what the lawyers are going to say…lawyers win courtroom battles, they don’t win wars.”

“Hillary Clinton wants us to respect them, well I’ll tell you this, if she phrased it differently…I would have agreed…but empathy for the Taliban, for the Islamic state? My God that woman’s not fit to be president, she’s demented.”