Colin Powell, A Man for Our Times But Someone Needs to Tell Him He’s a Democrat


Colin Powell

Secretary of State Colin Powell is a man worthy of praise and respect for all he has accomplished and sacrificed for his country. A Republican since 1995, he has become one of the Republican Party’s harshest critics but insists he is still a Republican.

He has become controversial for his comments.

It is no longer a controversy, however, once one realizes that he simply isn’t a Republican, despite his claims to the contrary. He is far more the Democrat. When one thinks of him as a Democrat, the comments become typical as opposed to enraging.

Colin Powell was interviewed by Bill O’Reilly this evening. The questions were good and Colin Powell’s answers, while not reflecting my views, were direct and intelligent.

Since supporting Barack Obama for president in 2008 and again this past year, he has been taking some painful potshots at the Republican Party, even insinuating that some are racists.

Without naming names, he was particularly hard on Sarah Palin and John Sununu. Sarah Palin used a term from the slave era – shucking and jiving – while John Sununu called Barack Obama lazy. Apparently, using a term from the slave era is verboten and calling Barack lazy is racist.

While admitting that he did not think either person was a racist, Colin Powell believes they need to be careful about using words like these.

He stated that when Republicans use these words they turn the people off though I personally don’t understand why Democrats are allowed to accuse Romney of lying and murdering a woman without similar condemnation.

Seems a bit unfair.

He is opposed to showing ID to vote and believes it disenfranchises minority voters. He believes there is a dark vein of bigotry in the Republican Party and that the party has to broaden its reach.

He chose to vote for President Obama because he believes in his plan for the economy (collapse?).

He stuck up for President Bush and his belief that there were WMD’s in Iraq. He still stands by their decision to go into Iraq and he said that the majority of Congress voted for the war.

I give him credit for sticking with this. Most would have backed away.

It is disappointing to hear the much-admired Colin Powell attack his party from the outside instead of working on it from within. He could have made a real difference but now he is just another Democrat in Republican cloth attacking the party.

The interview is interesting and worth listening to. Colin Powell will always be a hero, but his belief that he is a Republican is misguided.