Would You Sell a Gun to This Woman?



I would not sell a gun to this woman. In fact, I think she should be on the no-fly list.

Melissa Harris-Perry who is dealing with half a deck on a good day, thinks Darth Vader is racist because he’s all black. He’s black when he’s bad, then he’s good and he’s white, and then he’s bad and he’s black – in her mind. Everything Perry says and does revolves around race.

This is pretty funny.

Watch and keep in mind this woman is a college professor – scary!

Rush Limbaugh had something to say about it on his show Monday.

Look at all the other racist things in our culture that need to be stamped out:



Racist suit!

hill in black

This is the most racist thing I’ve ever seen:


At least it was until I saw this:



  1. This is why I quit watching TV. I rely on sites like yours to filter the stuff.


    Have a Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year. May God smile upon you the rest of your days.

  2. “College Professor”, Melissa Harris-Perry’s image should be on every piece of promotional literature trade schools hand out. Young people can either learn a very marketable, high paying skill….or waste their time and money listening to the likes of this “genius”.

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