Colorado’ Public Schools Hiring DREAMers with GEDs to Teach?



Colorado just hired their first person here illegally – a DREAMer – to teach in their public schools. He was hired as a result of Affirmative Action – though they don’t call it that – it is Affirmative Action.  Affirmative Action has been found to be illegal by the Supreme Court of the United States.

People are doing far more for people who come here illegally than people who come here legally and/or who are citizens.  This new hire is a case in point. Teach for America and the Denver Public Schools (DPS) were and are on the hunt for a specific type of teacher.

They are not looking for the ones with the proper credentials, but rather, they want the one who is “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals” (DACA) aka DREAMer, as approved by the government.

It is important to note that both Teach for America and the DPS receive federal funding and everyone who pays federal taxes donates to both.

The government is not doing a good job screening DREAMers, but even if they were, why are they out looking for teachers with that characteristic? This is preferential treatment.

It is illegal to engage in Affirmative Action for a government job and Affirmative Action was meant for Blacks, no one else. I’m not saying don’t hire them, I’m saying to give everyone a fair shot, even Whites.

To make matters worse, much worse, many of the DACAs are not properly trained, qualified or certified. Some only have a GED.

DREAMers do not have legal status but they are allowed to work.

Estimates of the numbers of school children who are here illegally run around 10% to 20% according to Tom Boasberg, DPS Superintendent, and he is looking for other illegals to teach them.

The Colorado Alliance for Immigration reform is opposed and said it does a great disservice to people who are qualified and who are looking for teaching jobs when people here illegally are hired over people here legally.

There are at least 20 million unemployed or underemployed people in this country, including teachers, so why are we seeking out people here illegally, DREAMers or not?  And why are we looking for people with only GEDs to teach our already dumbed-down population? Since they are foreigners, don’t you wonder what their history instruction will look like?

There was a time when I strongly supported Affirmative Action – for Blacks – because of our civil rights history. They no longer seem to need it and it doesn’t seem appropriate to use it for Hispanics who come here illegally. It’s an open invitation – hey, if you want to come here illegally, your children will be able to become teachers, even if they are unqualified.

Boasberg claims they need bilingual teachers. So? What good is it if they don’t know what they need to know? In any language, uneducated is uneducated and why do it at the expense of even looking at other more qualified people. Our children need the best teachers.

Many states are now giving free tuition to people here illegally when a lot of citizens can’t get the help. It’s another side of the same coin. We do for foreigners what we can’t even do for our own.

9 News covered this story and they seem very sympathetic to the nice young illegal who was recently hired by DPS to teach. That’s all well and good, but for every nice person here illegally, there are many more Americans without jobs. How about someone caring about them?