‘Comedian’ Chelsea Handler Wants Kim Jong-un as Her President


Chelsea Handler isn’t much of a comedian but she knows how to get attention. She tweeted that North Korean maniac Kim Jong-un makes more sense than our President and we might want to switch leaders.

Kim Jong-un is the dictator who imprisons people for not smiling appropriately and lets his people starve so he has the money to build nuclear weapons.

Chelsea is so right. Kim sounds so much more normal….I’m going to blow up a Hydrogen bomb! Maybe she could be our ambassador to North Korea?

Kim Jong-un wants to blow her, all of us, to kingdom come.

The letter she speaks of refers to our President as a ‘rogue’, a ‘criminal’, a ‘dotard’, and ‘mentally deranged’. Crazy Kim is building ICBMs to destroy the U.S. and this is what this woman thinks makes more sense than Donald Trump.

Handler is the one who wants to have racists arrested so this comment comes as no surprise. She is also famous for saying she would never interview Melania Trump because of the First Lady’s alleged poor English.

Mrs. Trump speaks five languages. Handler speaks one language though she does know how to use foul language.

Dana Loesch had the best response.


  1. The blatant inability to see facts, and discuss facts, and instead resort to name-calling and denigration of anyone who does think and discuss based on facts, continues to absolutely stagger me.

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