Coming Soon, Big Brother Will Be Watching Us on the Long Island Expressway


Nanny Long Island will have speed cameras on the LIE soon. All the studies support the need – it’s a dangerous road because people speed, so say the studies. I don’t trust government studies, but they could be correct about it being dangerous. I do, however, think the government can find a good reason to do anything they want.

People speed, however, because the speed limit is only 55 mph. A lot of people don’t even know that is the limit because people go between 70 and 80. If the speed limit went up to 65 mph, they might find people actually following the limit. When the limit is artificially low, in other words, ridiculous, people ignore it.

If they put in the cameras, without upping the speed limit, all of us LIE travelers will have hundreds of dollars in speeding tickets each month. What a financial boon for the voracious NYS government. Read here: LIE Speed Cameras

By the way, there is a great phone app called which tells you where all the cameras are.