Common Core and Sex Ed, A New Low in Government Education


Government education has taken an ugly turn thanks in no small part to Common Core and morals-free sex education.

Common Core is preparing us for Big Government in every aspect of our lives and parents need to be very aware of the assignments their children are being given. Aside from the lack of quality in many of these assignments, there is an issue of inculcation to the idea that government is a necessary part of everything in our lives – check out the Pearson survey below.

Check out this fourth grade Common Core (CC) math problem and tell me why it’s even worth doing if you are 8 years old. In fact, can you figure out the answer?

crazy math


This next problem is a kindergarten CC math problem. Remember when kindergarten was fun and we taught children to love learning in kindergarten?

K math


Next up is yet another high school Pearson probing survey:

CC brainwashing


Go to this link to read about how Pearson had to pay out a $7.7 million settlement because they created Common Core products to generate “tens of millions of dollars” for their corporate sister.


How about some character building by acting like a dictator with CC aligned lessons!

This is from a Maryland parent suffering through Common Core who was sickened and outraged when her 9th grade son came home with a history assignment that required him to pick a dictator from the mid-20th century and take on the persona of one of these dictators. Students were then directed to write a speech articulating and defending their goals and perspectives. One of the objectives was to learn the “strengths and weaknesses of dictators.”

I must interject here. Why are they stopping with heinous dictators. Why not pretend they are Ted Bundy or John Wayne Gacy and call it a language arts lesson? That would be just as rational.

 dictator lesson


Then there is this CC aligned indoctrination for 5th Grade:

5th grade brainwashing


When we aren’t talking Common Core, we get to talk government sex ed.

A federally funded sex education program being piloted in 12 Hawaiian schools called Pono Choices or good choices or moral choices is agenda-driven. For example, it redefines the butt as a genital. A genital of course is a sexual organ. The redefinition is an attempt to make homosexual sex mainstream which is not okay with many Americans. It will be shoved down their throats.

This medically inaccurate fact is being taught to children as young as 11 years. The program declares that protected anal sex is low-risk and it fails to warn of the dangers.

Republican Bob McDermott is wisely fighting the curricula because it’s age-inappropriate and it’s medically inaccurate. His report is called “The Pono Choices Curriculum: Sexualizing the Innocent” and outlines the failures of the program. Read more at EagNews.