Common Core Sidles Into Private Schools and Home Schooling


Obama Marx

While no one was paying attention, a Marxist-style educational curricula and corresponding testing program was initiated in almost every state in the country with a few exceptions. No one noticed really and funds provided by Barack Obama blinded the nation’s governors who put it in place.

The program is called Common Core. It dictates a one-size-fits-all education for every child in the nation.

The Core gives the federal government complete control over the education of almost every child in the nation even though nationalization of education is illegal under our Constitution.  If you don’t know what Common Core is, it is time to find out. CLICK THIS LINK

The seriousness of government-controlled education being forced on the nation’s children cannot be underestimated. A free education for all children was never meant to be propagandized government-sponsored education which takes control out of local hands.

People who thought they could escape the Core by sending their child to private school or by home teaching their child, will be sorely disappointed.

Home Schoolers and students enrolled in private schools will not be protected from Common Core. The attack on Parent’s rights has already begun in, of all places, Alabama.

via Missouri Watchdog

Do you think you have freedom to educate your child as you, the parent, sees fit?  Do you look to the State for educational development/delivery for your child or have you selected private/homeschool options?  If you have chosen private/homeschool options, it may not be  much different than the public school education offered by the state of Alabama.

The state not only controls the public development/direction of education, it will also control both private/homeschool educational development/direction.Watch this Alabama Department of Education Private School Licensure Meeting at 

A reader contacted me and wrote:

This video of the Alabama State Department Education meeting with private, church, and home school representatives will make your blood boil.  They are creating a new department, charging new fees, implementing unprecedented oversight and reporting requirements, and monitoring the list of those schools that do not register with the State Department of Education.

If you do not register, your students are unable to attend a postsecondary institution (2-or 4-year).  Home schoolers MUST report attendance, grades, coursework, etc. to the local school superintendent on a regular basis.

I could go on and on.  Please take the time to watch it!  Please share this with everyone in our group and others…

Common Core will be adhered to through these new regulations for private schools and homeschooled students.  

From a reader:

Let’s just avoid the question on the HS front. Yes, you can teach your kids, as you like, as long as the umbrella school complies with everything needed around the 26-28 mark to get the license. Didn’t that list of requirements include that all teachers must be state certified before they would offer the Umbrella school’s license? Didn’t it also clearly say that the curriculum must comply to state standards or as we all know the COMMON CORE standards? If our Umbrella School has to provide a list of curriculum wouldn’t that again take the child’s education out of the parent’s hands? Doesn’t that mean I have to teach what my cover school tells me to teach and I need to be certified by the state?

I am a little shocked that this is being discussed in Alabama of all places, so maybe just maybe, the distress I’m currently feeling is keeping me from looking at this objectively.

Does anyone else find it ironic that this guy was hired about the same time our state school board adopted the CC to receive additional federal funding.

Why didn’t this get down to the local level where our local elected school board reps could review all of this and bring it to our attention? Are they really working for our children or were they looking at all of those new federal dollars that would be lining their pocket and the AEA? Just curious and like I said maybe my shock is getting the best of me now.

These private schools and homeschooling groups should know what is store for them in Alabama.  It is mentioned around the 28 minute mark or so that tutoring must be done by an Alabama licensed teacher.  Does this mean students cannot be taught by a parent who does not possess a state teaching certification?…read more at Missouri Watchdog