Common Core: The Mismeasure of Children



Common Core curricula is our new national curricula with accompanying assessments. It teaches children to become global citizens instead of US citizens. Forget teaching children we are an exceptional nation, we are teaching them to ignore our sovereignty.

It reduces all learning, even critical thinking, to skill sets. It allows no time for creativity and flexibility. Teachers will follow absurdly tight time constraints to engage in routine skill development without end. Children will just have to keep up, even our weaker students.

The New York State Teacher’s Union President, Richard Ianuzzi,says the standards are great, but they are not being implemented properly, especially the assessments. He’s not doing a very good job of representing or protecting his teacher members. I don’t know too many teachers who think the standards are a good idea at all.

The assessments are set up to fail for the first year. That’s true! It’s in the plan. The tests are based on the curricula teachers have not been trained to teach and for which there are no materials.

The assessments will be largely multiple choice and two out of every four answers will be possible correct answers. The correct answers are very subjective.

The government doesn’t want teachers to teach to the tests so they aren’t letting them prepare at all. The teachers aren’t allowed practice tests. After the tests are scored, the teachers will be evaluated based on the test results. What a deal!

These unknown tests will stress many of the children.

Using the mismeasure of stressed-out children to judge teachers is a new concept I can’t get my head around personally.

Arne Duncan, our Education secretary, has said that test scores will drop 30% because of lack of materials and preparation but that won’t stop him.

The Common Core philosophy is a well-thought-out combination of Skinner’s Pavlov dog behaviorism and psycho-babble, all brought together to computerize the little humans in the classroom.

It doesn’t stop there. What the future holds is so much more, though the standards are so bad they might not make it too far into the future. We can only hope.

The creators hope to routinely use scanners and sensors to analyze student’s facial expressions and moods so they can then use the information to develop “affective computing” methods. They will keep the data on each child.

The sensory-detection equipment will take the form of wrist bands, posture seats and eye trackers. That shouldn’t make the children self-conscious or paranoid as they are being mined for data by machines.


The data will determine if children are bored or frustrated so teaching and learning methods can be adapted to the children’s moods.

Any good teacher does this without the need for equipment.

Common Core is based on the cynical idea that teachers are not up to the task and need to become government wind-up dolls.

Common Core seeks to standardize learning in a one-size-fits-all model. It is far more socialistic than anything we have been used to.

Children are to be taught from an early age to become active participants in the industrial government and will no longer be “property” of their parents.

I understand that the school system is based on a socialist model but how socialist do we want to go? Are we all part of the collective now?

Go to the blaze for a summary of the equipment they plan to use to mine data on children.

Hear from an expert:

Christopher H. Tienken: The School Reform Landscape from Colin Comstock on Vimeo.