Common Core Ugly Reaches a New Low


The following 5th grade lesson from Common Core inculcates leftist political ideology into an elementary English class. The creators of this lesson obviously want you to believe the government is in charge and you must obey the government for the sake of the common good. Marxists must be proud of this lesson.

Non-statists believe the people are in charge of the government.
5th grade common core partisan Eng lesson

In the following 2nd grade lesson, we learn that everything must be ‘fair.’

The Supreme Court doesn’t decide the laws as this text would have us believe. The Constitution already decided the law.

The Constitution is the law of the land – the SCOTUS interprets.

‘Fair’ is the rule of law, not some emotional feel-good sense of ‘fairness’ but you won’t learn that from this publisher.

2nd grade social studies


The Common Core curriculum writers also like to confuse young children with irrelevant information and call it challenging and tough. Look at this 3rd grade math problem which teaches addition and rounding together. Math is an exact science but this problem makes it appear to be inexact.  By the way, who the hay is Nicole and who cares about her bookmarks?


Well, that’s it for now, but there will be more next week.

As a fun exercise, click onto this link and check out how they’re teaching morality these days.