Communist Cuban Migrants Are Pouring Into the US with a Tacit US State Dept. Okay



A State Department official admitted that the US has done nothing to stop Central American countries from airlifting Cuban immigrants to the southern US border. The US continues to fund these offending countries.

It’s understandable. Poor dependent communists would be quick to join the Democrat voting base.

“We have not told them not to do the airlift,” Francisco Palmieri admitted. Palmieri is a senior official in the Bureau of Western Hemisphere who testified at a hearing in which he was questioned by Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla among others.

Costa Rica and Panama have flown about 8,000 Cuban migrants to northern Mexico, part of an “upsurge” in migration that has brought about 18,500 Cubans to the Texas-Laredo Border Patrol field office over a five-month period.

Palmieri said that “there is talk of another airlift” from Panama. “The engagement with the countries focuses on encouraging them to ensure safe legal and orderly migration,” he said. “We continue to urge the countries to enforce their migration laws, to strengthen their border controls, and to address undocumented and irregular migration by returning people to their last point of origin.”

Rubio said the United States has “significant potential leverage with these countries,” and asked if the State Department has used it and done anything.

“The minute the word gets out that if you can get into this country they’re going to put you on a plane and fly you close to the U.S. border so you can get in, you’re encouraging more people to do this,” said Rubio, who chairs the Foreign Relations subcommittee on the western hemisphere.

As soon as Cubans set foot on our soil, they are legally here because of an obsolete law.

cuban migrants2

Rubio said Cuban immigrants are taking advantage of dated U.S. government policies that began with the standoff with Fidel Castro.

Rubio tried to force a measure on the issue this week but got nowhere.