Communist DeBlasio Makes Certain Officer Goes on Trial for Defending Himself


NYPD Sgt. Hugh Barry shot a schizophrenic black woman named Deborah Danner twice after she put down her scissors and picked up a bat, charging him while in close proximity. He had no place to go.

He’s a 30-year old and nine-year veteran of the force.

Sgt. Barry

This is how the situation was reported by the officer according to the NY Post:

“As Sergeant Barry rushed into the bedroom, Ms. Danner grabbed a thirty-two (32) inch wooden bat from under the covers on the bed,’’ he stated in writing.

“[She] turned toward [Barry], and held the bat in a right-handed baseball-batter stance, with her right hand above her left, with the bat above her right shoulder near her ear.

“In response to the deadly threat posed . . . Sergeant Barry immediately drew his firearm.’’

The cop — “unable to retreat from the bedroom due to the proximity of the threat posed by Ms. Danner, the size of the bedroom, and the presence of the officers behind him” — repeatedly ordered Danner to “please drop the bat’’ the documents state.

“Within seconds, Ms. Danner lunged off the bed and at Sergeant Barry while swinging the bat directly at his head.

The officer wanted the jurisdiction of his trial changed since communist Mayor de Blasio and his left-wing Police Commissioner minion James O’Neill convinced people he had no right to shoot. Half of the people polled think the officer is guilty after he went on a tirade convicting him in the press. DeBlasio said that shooting a mentally ill and unarmed (black) woman is “unacceptable”.

They said he should have used his taser but he felt he was in imminent danger of losing his life.

He had tried repeatedly to talk her out of first dropping the scissors, which she did, and then tried to get her to drop the bat, but she chose to lunge instead.

Al Sharpton is on the case and that’s a big reason why this man is on trial. Sharpton’s the guy who got a black man off after 8 months in prison although he shot a 19-year old in the face for screaming racist comments at him – in Miller Place, Long Island.

Barry is charged with 2nd degree murder, 1st and 2nd degree manslaughter and criminally negligent homicide for not following the letter of the law as a mentally ill woman swung at his head with a deadly weapon. They threw the book at him.

While it’s very sad that this poor woman died, is this fair???


  1. I am terribly sorry that I cannot support this YOUNG STUD COP who shot a schizophrenic woman when he could have defended himself in several other ways. I AM A GREAT SUPPORTER OF THE POLICE AND RECOGNIZE THE DIFFICULT JOB THEY HAVE BUT, as a former Marine Officer, I am fully aware that this “young stud” could have disarmed this woman in one of several ways. Apparently this cop slipped through the psychological evaluation process in becoming a cop. I despise the NY Mayor, Diblasio, but in this case he is right. The cop should be convicted; the description of the facts leads me to disbelieve their accuracy, from a lawyer’s point of view.Furthermore this “cop” should be removed from the force immediately. Sorry, Pally,, you couldn’t have stood a chance of being promoted if you had been in my company or platoon.

    • I agree it was a stupid move on his part, He was dead wrong in what he did, However to put him on trial for murder or whatever is even more wrong, Should he be discharged from the job, Deninitley he was not police offecer material. No Pension Nothing Just Fired

    • I don’t know if you’re right Flotmortin. Several people who work under him say he’s the nicest guy in the world and this is purely political. In the least, he was overcharges. I feel sorry for the lady too but he was pinned in the room.

  2. He had no other choice. The way the story reads, she was swinging the bat when the officer shot. Mr Marine Officer, I respect your service, however, you have no idea what your talking about. This officer would probably have died from being stuck by the bat. Would you have stood there while you are about to meet your makes? The whole thing about a taser has no merit. He had his gun in hand. I suppose you think he should drop his gun and draw taser all in the time span of 1 second. BTW I doubt you are were a marine officer, your contempt for the officer is evident by you referring to him as a “YOUNG STUD COP”.

  3. Hey Bill what the hell are YOU talking about, You are the one that does not know what they are talking about, There were many procedures he could have used, besides deadly force.He was not prepared, I have been in hundreds of situations similar to that much more threatening in fact, This man did not belong in the Police dept, Period

    • Dick, I suppose you would stand there and let the woman smash your brains out. Many Procedures, huh. You don’t walk into a room with your dick in your hand because you your afraid you might hurt someone. Dick I don’t believe you have ever been in a threatening situation like the guy who says he was a marine officer. You and Flotmorton probably know each other.

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