Communist Flag Flew Over Washington’s State Capitol

commie flag

Gov. Jay Inslee ordered the Chinese Communist flag flown at equal height  and next to the U.S. flag in Olympia, Washington in honor of Chinese Ambassador, Communist Cui Tiankai. [It actually conforms to flag protocol but whether it should be done is a matter of opinion.]

It didn’t take long for a handful of patriots and a guard to take it down.

“That’s an officer I can support,” one person said of the trooper providing assistance. The officer remained unidentified in the video, but one activist said he was an Oath Keeper.

Some reports indicate the flag was due to be taken down anyway.

It’s been done before. When Chinese President Hu Jintao visited with then-President George W. Bush in April 2006, the White House flew “a Communist China flag”.

People are sensitive about the issue for many reasons. One of course is because of the push to ban the U.S. flag on homes, in public colleges and elsewhere, mostly and ostensibly to avoid offending anyone.

There have also been other incidents which have raised hackles.

In September 2013, the San Leandro California Town Board voted to fly the Chinese Communist flag over the Town Hall to mark the founding of the People’s Republic of China. The proposal was approved four to three. It isn’t the only town to do so.

The Malkin Family, who own the Empire State building, refused to light it up for Mother Theresa or Cardinal Dolan but they did light it up in red and yellow for the 60th anniversary of China’s communist revolution and the founding of the People’s Republic.

Some of the comments under the YouTube video were interesting.

Patriots removed the the Chinese flag between the American flag and the state flag at the capitol building in Olympia,Washington. Governor Jay Inslee had the POW/MIA flag lowered and replaced by the Chinese flag in honor of his meeting with China Ambassador Cui Tiankai.

u can no longer fly the American flag in public, but the Communist Chinese flag is OK! Welcome to the O”bumanation of Amerika, comrades.

Good Job Guys. I posted all of this on the The Three Percenters Club FB page and shared with fellow admin….a lot of very angry people at the moment! Furious might be a better description.

How dare they put up a communist flag on on our soil??

The following is an interesting comment I found on the NBC news site when Islee won. He’s a far-left guy.

Glad a republican did not win, but Jay Inslee, come on, it does not get any further left wing extreme.

Insllee was elected to the US House representing a district in eastern Washington state in the early 1980s, but was voted out of office after just one term. So he moved back to Seattle where he grew up, and ran for a US House seat again, where he won…..and became a career politician

I bumped heads with Inslee over property rights in the early 1990s. Inslee was opposed to the state having to pay property owners just compensation for the taking, or devaluation of their property for projects deemed necessary by the state. In a Town hall meeting Inslee argued it would cost taxpayers 9 billion dollars if the state had to pay for all the land it had taken from property owners, as if property owners were someone other than taxpayers…Firstly, property owners are the largest group of taxpayers in the state of Washington, anyone who owns a home is a property owner. Secondly, state and federal real estate law mandates government must pay a land owner fair market compensation when land is taken or devalued by government actions.

Sadly, the law which allows the state government to enact laws which renders private property useless is still in place today in Washington state ………..If there ever was one I would label a true communist, it is Jay Inslee………..I myself am a moderate independent who voted for another moderate, Obama.

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8 Comments on "Communist Flag Flew Over Washington’s State Capitol"

16 days 17 hours ago

You guys are crazy.

Shrillery Clinton
16 days 15 hours ago

I suppose you think Barack Obama is sane.

20 days 10 hours ago

O’Bama would approve.

Robert C. Laity
17 days 23 minutes ago

Obama DID THE SAME THING in 2009 flying the Chinese Flag over the South WH lawn. Google it. Obama is known as “Obamao” in China.

20 days 14 hours ago

Absolutely get to the bottom of who ordered that blasphemous flag to fly on our capitol and ARREST them. This must not be allowed to fade away; the traitorous perp who committed this crime against his country MUST be punished!

As for the “moderate independent” who voted for “moderate” Obama; with moderates like you who needs Marxists?

Tom J
14 days 10 hours ago

The flag was raised as a matter of standard protocol when the Chinese ambassador visited the Capitol and was lowered when he left. The same was done with a Scottish flag earlier in the week. The man who lowered the flag was a state employee whose job it is to raise and lower flags. The trooper was there to protect the state employee from the Tea Party crazies who were making jackasses of themselves on the Capitol grounds. In other words, it was a Big Nothing reported as legitimate news by Fox talking heads who couldn’t be bothered to ask the governor’s staff for an explanation.

Sara Noble
14 days 10 hours ago

The Tea Party are probably sensitive because Washington keeps voting for commies. Seattle has that nice big statue of Vlad Lenin. They should forget the flag and knock that down.

19 days 19 hours ago

The person that ordered it is the governor, Jay Inslee.