Communist Party USA Picks Their Presidential Candidate



The Communist Party USA prefers Bernie but they will happily settle for Hillary because she will continue the work of Barack Obama.

The Communist Party USA has a long and rich Soviet-linked history in the United States. They have backed every leftist radical movement from the 1960s on to Occupy Wall Street and Ferguson. Eroding our values and culture while using the Democrat Party as a vehicle to radical reformation have long been the established tactics of the party same as it is with the Democratic Socialists and the Socialists with whom they share common values, a sense of entitlement, and the policies of envy.

It’s clear they have pushed the Democrat Party to the hard left. They are patient people who are willing to take decades to reach their goals. Their revolution is one of incrementalism. They are moving us towards Totalitarianism in steps, regulation by regulation, tax by tax, law by law, and through the gradual nationalization of every sector, every pillar of society.

The Washington Times reported in January 2015 that John Bachtell, chairman of the National Committee of the Communist Party USA, said in an essay for “People’s World” that America needed a third political party committed to uphold labor but until then, they had to work with the Democrats.

Labor is entrenched in the Democrat Party for now and labor unions make up their core base.

“It’s true both parties are dominated by Wall Street interests … [but] the Democratic Party is also home to labor, African Americans, Latinos, other communities of color, women, most union members, young people and a wide range of social and democratic movements … [and] labor and other key social forces are not about to leave the Democratic Party anytime soon,” Mr. Bachtell wrote.


“This necessarily means working with the Democratic Party,” Mr. Bachtell wrote.

Sam Webb, national chair of the Communist Party USA until 2014 and current spokesperson for the organization, wrote an essay for their online paper, Peoples’ World, this week titled, “Bernie or Bust” in which he decried those who will stay home on election day if Bernie isn’t the candidate. While he agrees Hillary is no Bernie and is tied to Wall Street, she is a reasonable second choice and will continue their ambitious agenda and the work of Barack Obama.

Webb sees her as a fighter for their divisive identity politics.

“…she will fight for the full range of democratic rights – collective bargaining rights, wage rights, job rights, women’s rights, civil rights, gay rights, voting rights, immigrant rights, and, not least, health rights – as well as defend the integrity of democratic structures, governance, and traditions.”

Obama’s so-called achievements will continue and they will grow.

“If elected president she will build on the achievements of Obama’s presidency. In other words, her White House will press for economic, social, and political reforms on a range of issues, including existentially necessary action on climate change,” he wrote.

Her foreign policy will be better than Republicans though he wants no defense and no aggressive action. Their isolationist policies are tied, not only to communist party ideology, but to the party’s Soviet and Stalinist past.

The other leftist hot button issues will be her focus.

Hillary will “shine a light on women’s concerns, ranging from wage and job discrimination, to health care, abortion, and birth control rights, to rape and domestic violence, to child care and parental leave.”

He concludes that Hillary is the “firewall against far-right extremism that the Obama administration represented will disappear and the barbarians will be no longer at the gate, but likely in charge of the whole castle.”

The barbarians are these revolutionaries who seek to take our money, our freedoms and our hope but they don’t see it that way.

Webb is quite clear. The Democrat Party is the way to full blown communism. He spells out the ultimate goal which is “we hope to arrive at a future of radical and substantive democracy, equality, sustainability, and peace – a future that is worthy of our humanity.”

Webb is a self-declared Marxist who sees equality in outcomes, not effort, talent, commitment. Democracy is Marxism, sustainability is an excuse to pick our pockets and peace without our enemies participating is a hopeless pursuit.

The United States is moving towards communism and the Democrat Party has a communism problem. Democratic Socialism, Socialism and Communism aren’t far enough apart to consider the differences. They all lead to Totalitarianism. They are the proven failures of the past that seek to overturn capitalism.


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