Communist May Day Rallies – NY And Around The World

May 1st, communist rallies throughout the world

Unions-communists-illegals marched un-peacefully throughout the world this May 1st and they had an alarmingly large presence in this country. It is hard to tell the difference between the rallies in NYC and the rallies in Russia.

Class warfare, environmentalism and illegal immigration are themes in all of the rallies.

An illegal immigrant spoke about the planned rally in Union Square on May Day. She forcefully said she stands against outsourcing. She doesn’t seem to understand that illegal immigration is the worst form of outsourcing. She also wants illegals to get high paying jobs. If that happens, what jobs will be left for the unions workers who support illegal immigration rallies? I’m just saying…

And who said that big labor isn’t a communist block?
From the AFL-CIO site: This May Day, working people are rallying across the country to oppose attacks on workers’ rights and immigrant rights. Just as we did on April 4, working people will declare: “Somos Unos—Respeten Nuestros Derechos” or “We Are One—Respect Our Rights.”

Workers’ rights and immigrant rights are connected. CEO-backed politicians are targeting all working people—including immigrants—with their corporate-sponsored political agenda and continuing power grab. In addition to demanding protection for collective bargaining and other workers’ rights, ralliers will call for comprehensive immigration reform and passage of the DREAM Act, which would provide undocumented young people a pathway to legal residency through higher education or service in the military…AFL-CIO encouraging communist rallies.