Companies Increasingly Pay Employees to Join Left-Wing Protests – Is This Subtle Astro-Turfing?


Around the US, a growing number of companies have started offering “social justice PTO” — a few days each month to protest, vote, and participate in marches in addition to their normal vacation and sick days.

At the San Francisco-based creative agency Traction, for example, CEO Adam Kleinberg believes the “divisive political discourse” since November’s presidential election has made for a climate where people should speak up if they so choose.

“We are giving all employees two days of paid leave per year to participate in our democracy —however they see fit,” Kleinberg wrote in a LinkedIn post. “They can march on Washington, volunteer at the Boys & Girls Club or some other organization that had its funding cut off, or be a poll worker.”

San Francisco reporter Marissa Lang explained in an article for the SF Chronicle three days ago that many tech companies in the Bay Area [which are left-wing] “have unveiled policies that allow employees to take paid time off work for political or civic activities, such as protesting, canvassing, voting, volunteering or even running for office.”

The story profiles the tech company executive, Traction’s Adam Kleinberg, who has a clear antipathy to Trump.

The protesting in San Francisco is almost exclusively against Donald Trump and anything right-wing.

The employees get paid while they protest.

The Washington Post had earlier reported on this newest “luxury” of working in Silicon Valley is to get paid while protesting. Reporter Adha Bhattarai explained in her mid-April article, “The new policies come as technology firms and other companies take a stand against the Trump administration’s plan to tighten restrictions for foreign workers.”

In addition to hating Trump, companies, including Silicon Valley firms – not unexpectedly – want more immigrants – including those who come here illegally or those who they bring in via visa abuse.

Facebook allowed its employees to take off for the Communist May Day holiday to participate in the pro-illegal immigrant event that was mostly an anti-Trump event. They joined unions, Communists and Black Bloc enforcers.

Facebook app has been at the center of organizing a series of Silicon Valley social justice rallies and protests against President Trump, capitalism, climate change, racism, sexism and immigration law enforcement, which kicked off with the March 14 Pi Day, led by Dex Torricke-Barton, former speechwriter for Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Notice they are anti-Capitalism.

Newsweek took exception to Breitbart and others on the right saying protesters are paid to protest for fear people would think the thousands rallying are not grass roots.

It depends how you define grass roots. These are all the same left-wing people who demand illegal immigration, climate change extremism, abortion to the moment of birth, free college, heavy taxes and regulations, government healthcare and all the other items on the Crony Socialist wish list. The disparate entities that comprise the left have joined forces because of wealthy donors like George Soros.

It’s the same people marching all the time.

Here on Long Island, the people who were the Occupiers, later became the supporters of Black Lives Matter, and then they morphed into the women activists. It was the same people. It’s always the same people.

The Occupiers failed because it was too white. Ferguson and the Michael Brown lie brought in left-wing blacks. Silicon Valley bringing in their people is no surprise.

Is that grass roots?