Compare Christopher Wray’s ‘Porter Timeline’ with WH Press Secretary’s


The media is absolutely abusive when they talk to press secretary Sarah Sanders. Tuesday was no exception as they argued with her about the FBI’s investigation of Rob Porter, the timeline in particular. The press corps has completely ignored the obvious corruption exposed by Devin Nunes and Senators Grassley and Graham. Ignored, that is, except for those times they tried to destroy Devin Nunes’s reputation.

The media doesn’t care that we have a political party putting foreigners, foreigners here illegally, before citizens and legal residents in every quarter of society.

What they do care about is attacking the administration non-stop. Rob Porter is hardly important in relation to the corruption at the highest levels of the Executive Agencies but the media is remarkably uninterested in that.

The media is quibbling over an alleged misstatement of the timeline of the investigation into Rob Porter. It’s unimportant.

A “final report” was handed down by the FBI last July, but the White House asked for follow up after the FBI completed the Porter evaluation. The FBI did that and closed it up in January. They sent additional information in February. It was the February information that got Porter fired.

FBI Director Christopher Wray admitted that.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Tuesday the “White House personnel security office” — the administration’s first reference to that office — did not fully pass FBI reports about those allegations to top West Wing aides because staffers had not yet made a final recommendation on Porter’s security clearance.


This next clip is from Tuesday’s presser. A reasonable reporter, John Roberts, asked the question about the timeline, without the snarkiness.

The next clip is Christopher Wray’s timeline. It appears to match that of the White House timeline. This is a tempest in a teapot.


  1. How in hell is this even a scandal. One would think it was Trump himself being accused of battering.

    It’s getting real old with the question of believing women. I would like, just once, for someone to say, “Are you suggesting women don’t ever lie”.

  2. Notice as usual Sessions does not support the president on something he could and should. The coward instead as usual steps aside and lets other run his department. In effect, Sessions participates in the smear, just as he participates in coverups and witch hunts.

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