Concerning: Pope Francis Calls for a Two-State Solution and Renewed Peace Talks


Pope Francis made statements earlier today calling for a two-state solution to the problems between Israel and Palestine during his visit to the Middle East.

Sure, why not, it worked so well in Gaza. They were given their freedom, voted for Islamo-Fascists and now lob missiles into Israel on a regular basis.

The reason Prime Minister Netanyahu abandoned the peace talks was because the Palestinian Authority joined with Hamas, a terror organization dedicated to the destruction of Israel. It’s their sole purpose for existing. Israel must not be made to negotiate with people who want to kill them.

Pope wall Palestine

The Pope is seen in the photo above praying at the separation wall between Israel and Bethlehem. He prayed near graffiti which said, “Pope, we need someone to speak about justice”, “Free Palestine” and a reference to the Warsaw ghetto.

Pope Francis invited both the Israelis and Palestinians to visit the Vatican to discuss a peace initiative which they both accepted.

Mustafa al-Barghouti, a member of the Palestinian legislative council, said the pope’s prayer at the separation wall “will remain in the world’s mind forever as a rejection of the apartheid wall”.

He also said the pope’s travel itinerary, which included going straight from Jordan to Bethlehem rather than through Israel, was “a nod to Palestinian independence”.

The wall is not an apartheid wall, its a security barrier for Israelis.

This was his second day on his visit to the Holy Land. He said the breakdown in peace talks was “unacceptable.” He called for the recognition of a Palestinian state and supported the rights of Israel. He urged “the acknowledgment by all of the right of two states to exist and to live in peace and security within internationally recognized borders.”

Abbas listed a series of complaints against Israel, including continued settlement construction, the plight of thousands of Palestinian prisoners, its control of east Jerusalem, the Palestinians’ would-be capital, and the construction of the “ugly wall” that encircles Bethlehem.

In a ceremony in Tel Aviv, Prime Minister Netanyahu said, “Our hand is outstretched in peace to whoever wants to live with us in peace,” but also referred to Jerusalem as Israel’s “eternal capital, the heart of our faith,” anathema to Palestinians’ aspirations to have East Jerusalem as the capital of their future state.

Netanyahu has said Israel would not consider resuming negotiations unless Abbas reneged on a unity pact with Hamas, one of its most bitter enemies which rules in Gaza. Abbas has said a new government envisaged by the accord would be committed to peace.

The Pope also recalled the Holocaust, using the Hebrew word for the term, Shoah, and said that “ever mindful of the past” there can be “no place for anti-Semitism”.

“A particularly moving part of my stay will be my visit to the Yad Vashem Memorial to the six million Jews who were victims of the Shoah,” the Argentinian pontiff said. “I beg God that there will never be another such crime, which also counted among its victims many Christians and others.”

The Pope injected himself into global politics by denouncing capitalism and wealth inequality earlier this year.

What’s next?

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