Congress Demands Exemptions from Obamacare, Obama Responsive


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Photo of Uncle Sam returning to the taxpayer ATM for Congress

Congress is now looking to President Obama to subsidize the healthcare of lawmakers and staffers, a subsidy the people won’t receive.

Obama told Democrats in Congress privately that he is aware of the problem and is working on a resolution. Earlier this year, Obama spokesman Eric Schultz said that “Members of Congress will not receive anything that is not available to the public. They are going to get insurance on the marketplace, just like individuals who are uninsured and small businesses.”

If Obama’s resolution doesn’t pan out, lawmakers are threatening to pass legislation that would grant themselves subsidies.

There is some back-and-forth as to whether lawmakers have to go under Obamacare. At least one writer of the bill said lawmakers are exempt from Obamacare, though staffers are not.

Staffers make too much to qualify for subsidies and are threatening to leave Congress if they have to pay thousands more.

Supposedly, this would result in a brain drain from Congress. The staffers are apparently paid too little to cover their own healthcare but they are the “brains.” Beside the fact that this isn’t logical, we certainly need new “brains” in Congress and a drain could be a good thing.

The congressional staffers and our congressmen will not be treated as you and I are treated, they will get special privileges though we don’t know how that will work yet. Obama doesn’t want whatever he does to help Republicans dismantle his bill.

The government currently pays nearly 75% of premiums for members of Congress. Republicans put in an amendment to the Affordable Care Act that they and the Democrats apparently no longer like. It states that by 2014, lawmakers and their staff must be covered by plans “created” by the law or “offered through an exchange.” The idea being that they be made to live under the same requirements of the laws they pass. Perish the thought!

Source: Politico