Congress Prepares to Exempt Themselves from Obamacare


Congress is a joke1

There is a provision in the healthcare law which requires Congressional aides, and possibly lawmakers, to pay the same premiums we all are going to pay. The provision was put in the bill in the first place on the theory that if Congress was going to make the country live under the provisions of Obamacare, the members and staff should have to do so as well.

Congress is about to change that. They have families after all. Lawmakers and their aides don’t make enough money as if the rest of us do.

Dozens of lawmakers and aides are considering retiring early or just leaving before Obamacare sets in. At least that is what they are threatening to do.

They said their healthcare premiums might skyrocket and they could be forced onto the exchanges which will make equivalent benefits exorbitantly high.

And I say, “So what?” It is what they saddled the rest of us with. Besides, it’s one way to empty out Congress since we will never see term limits.

The reason Congress will be in this position is their government-subsidized premiums will possibly disappear when Obamacare is fully implemented. They are currently engaged in secretive negotiations to get an exemption the rest of us plebeians will not get.

If they retire now they get to keep their extremely generous healthcare benefits.

Many in Congress now say that they are federal employees – the patricians in this drama – and as such they are entitled to escape the misery of Obamacare which they supported, allowed to go through, and/or voted for.

Congress is worried about a brain drain. Seriously? Really? I don’t think the public is as concerned about that as an issue.

Both Democrats and Republicans think they are entitled to escape the evil Obamacare they’ve foisted on us in the public sector who are not as entitled.

Congress will exempt themselves and their employees one way or the other, mark my words. Their approval rating is about 11% and they haven’t got much to lose.

Let us not forget that this bill is called The Affordable Healthcare Act.

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