“Congress Ran Up The Credit Card”…President Obama


The following is a translation of President Obama’s press conference.

President Obama said that Congress RAN UP THE CREDIT CARD. He is apparently an innocent bystander, which doesn’t say much for his leadership skills.

As usual, Obama wants most of the cuts from defense as we assume healthcare spending (entitlements and Obamacare). It all requires revenue (taxes). We’re all willing to do a little bit more (most of us want to pay more taxes allegedly). Millionaires and billionaires are willing to do a little bit more (class warfare). And something has to be done by the corporate jet owners (I guess that includes all the people hired by the builders and owners of corporate jets).

Republicans and Democrats want to include revenues (pay taxes) according to the President. Of course the most vulnerable in our society shouldn’t pay (would that be the 47% of the country who pay nothing?).

He won’t change entitlements significantly of course. His least favorite option would be to raise the debt ceiling and make no progress in deficit reduction, which is an obvious swipe at McConnell’s plan to switch the onus to him (Obama). Obama is the man who increased government spending 24% in three years and quadrupled the debt without counting the unsustainable Obamacare, but one mustn’t get lost in the details.

When questioned about what he is willing to do with entitlements, he went back to the “out years” and “means testing.” In other words, he’s kicking the can and giving us nothing specific. You will be happy to know that he personally is willing to pay a little bit more on his social security premiums. He also talks about increasing benefits while making small cuts and he won’t get into specifics, he just won’t.

To summarize: Obama wants a balanced package…no cuts…no specifics…we’ve discussed it…he’s not going to kill grandma…wants a balanced approach and shared sacrifice…most Americans agree..

His expectation of the Republican plan to cut, cap and balance is it’s mere political rhetoric and he won’t support killing grandma (okay, I took liberties with his words a bit, but not much). He didn’t run up the bills – he’s the one who wants to cut (Okay, maybe in the Twilight Zone that’s true). Things didn’t get ugly at the debt ceiling meeting (I guess he didn’t storm out) and the American people aren’t interested in that storming out thingy (oh yes we are – we want to know if our leaders are childlike).

Here is the video in entirety for the most masochistic among us.