Congress Wins Over Obama’s Illegal Recess Appointments


The Supreme Court of the United States sided with Congress today over presidential recess appointments made by Mr. Obama when the Congress was not in recess.

Mr. Obama is staking the deck of the NLRB (National Labor Relations Board) with far-left cronies.


The ruling was unanimous against the Obama administration and probably invalidates hundreds of decisions by the NLRB.

Three people approved by Barack Obama were made while the Senate was in “pro forma” session. That is illegal. The president can only make temporary appointments when Congress is not in session.

The NLRB has been passing or is about to pass tyrannical rules such as telling private, non-unionized businesses they have to get permission from unions before they can relocate. They’ve brought back the election law.

It will require all employers to turn over employee phone numbers and email addresses of their workers to union bosses. It will also consolidate appeals of union votes into a single post-election process, and allow for the electronic filing of union election petitions.The NLRB has decided that employees can disrespect patrons without being subject to termination. The NLRB has become the federal government union manager. Read about the jobs bill which will limit economic growth.