Congressional Immigration Security “Contractors’” Return to the Scene of Their Scams



Photo of Barack Obama & the border fence he’s never going to build

Let’s say twenty five years ago you hired a contractor to make some critical, security upgrades to your house.  The place needed some big time structural improvements because you’d begun to suffer from menacing break-ins.  The guy submitted a very attractive written proposal, you agreed, and a lot of up-front money went to him.  That was basically the last you saw your builder.

No real work was done.  The “materials”, that you paid for in good faith, were never purchased.  Once in a while you’d see a trades guy, but he had little to show and was quick to go.  The full of promises, and rich with your dollars contractor, started with tons of excuses, then became harder to reach, until over time he disappeared.  None of the essential changes were properly completed.  The expensive plan designed to protect your increasingly threatened safety was flushed.  You’d been scammed.

Twenty years later, in greater danger than ever, you desperately search for an outfit that, this time, will properly protect your home from intruders.  You’re attracted by some slick ads that claim they’ll absolutely warranty the job of safeguarding your property.  An appointment is made, and in walks a fellow with another proposition from the same company that screwed you two decades ago.  He’s not the same contractor but it’s the same logo and letterhead.  You remind him of the history but the passing years have dulled your outrage.  The spiel is compelling.  Cross his heart and hope to die, this time you’ll get your money’s worth.  This crew is going to build the equivalent of 700 miles of double fencing around your home.  They’ll even throw in electronic bells and whistles.

Skepticism fades.  “We’ve learned from our mistakes.  Give us another chance!  It’s all there in writing.”  Yup it’s in black and white on the page all right.  They’d never  ignore another legally binding commitment with you.  Wrong!  Years later, the amount of work done on the pledged “fencing” and high tech triggers amounts to only 5% of what’s in your “cross their heart” contract.

How are the Senators proposing current legislation and swearing, once again, to make security the primary focus, different from the “artful dodger” builder who has already swindled that trusting homeowner twice?  For one, even the most brazen huckster wouldn’t insult the intelligence of his victim by going back a third time with yet another set of grand promises that are less achievable than the crap he peddled twice before.  For another, unlike the chiseler, pols in D.C. don’t need your signature to proceed.  They can simply vote themselves the money and the job, in that order.

Today, with shiny new guarantees promised (for which they take no personal risk), our congressional, border security, “contractors” are planning to pass a 1,000 page, hastily marked up bill that takes them and our entire nation directly back to the scene of their previous two scams.  If they try to perpetrate this hoax someone should cordon off the Capitol Building with yellow crime scene tape, and call in a top shelf, old school police Bunco squad.  Remember those investigative units?  They specialized in investigating, and then jailing con men.