Congressman Tim Bishop Said We Can Keep Our Doctor and Our Plan



My congressman, Tim Bishop, pictured above, is still parroting the lie of the year – If you like your plan and your doctor, you can keep them.

One of the many statements he has repeated endlessly over the last five years is that we can keep our plan and our doctor under Obamacare.

Mr. Bishop still has the following statement published on “A central feature of reform will be preserving the freedom to choose what works best for you and your family—if you like your doctor, keep your doctor. If you like your current plan, keep your current plan.”

Check out the page below. It’s still on his website along with a whole host of tall tales.


The Democrats knew that was not the case by 2010. Mr. Obama and the Democrats knew we would not keep our healthcare plan or our doctor or our hospital, not only from the federal register of 2010, but from numerous other sources.

Senator Enzi tried to pass a bill in the senate to correct the problem in 2010 but not one Democrat voted for it. In the House, Rep. Fred Upton attempted to pass a similar measure in 2013 that would allow people to keep their doctors and their health insurance plans. The Democrats, including Tim Bishop, wouldn’t vote for it because they saw it as a threat. You see, the plan – from the beginning – was to have people lose their plans and their doctors. The Democrats lied to get the bill passed.

Check out what they all knew in 2011 on this link.

The law has been delayed repeatedly – unconstitutionally – to hide the full impact from voters. We will find out what is in it by 2017.

Watch Mr. Bishop on these clips via Roy Haynes:

The worst of Obamacare has been kept from the public because Mr. Obama has delayed their implementation. For example, the insurance companies are being bailed out so the real increase in premiums are not known. They are, however, on the rise despite Mr. Obama’s promise to lower them.


Obamacare eliminates choice and puts the government in between you and your doctor, your health insurer and your hospital. They all work for the government now and you and they are at the mercy of the government’s goodwill. The Hippocratic Oath has given way to the government will.

We live in the age of disposable people. You’ll know more in 2017.