Constitutional Lawyer Explains Slavery and the Flint Water Crisis


flint water2
KrisAnne Hall, a constitutional lawyer and a former chemical analyst who served in the military, explains what she believes is really going on in Flint. Abuse by government is the problem and it’s a bipartisan problem though there is room for disagreement on that.

Ms. Hall says we are watching a ridiculous display about government power and there are lessons about freedom we should be learning.

The Flint water crisis is about government. The government created the crisis and they are solely responsible for the crisis. They were in complete control of this the entire time and the people are not at liberty to provide water for themselves. The government lets you know when you can have water – a necessity of life.

The government knew what was going on. There is no way they didn’t know it was contaminated.

The government has made a political issue out of it but it’s not. The government is guilty.

The state blames the EPA and the EPA blames the state but they are both guilty. There were regulations to prevent this. It was the government that contaminated the water and the people can only have the water the government provides.


Listen to the entire podcast at An American Warning. Go to 16:00 for the remained of the podcast.


  1. I have experience in water analysis. There were without doubt numerous analyses indicating high lead passed through multiple agencies. No one is being held accountable. Instead it is called “racism”, so that those not involved are blamed.

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