Conyers’ Tax $$$ Pay Off Was Only $27k, Eric Massa’s Was $100k for Fondling Men


John Conyers has health problems and is currently hospitalized while the Democrats demand he resign. Couldn’t they wait until he gets out of the hospital? He’s 88! Geesh. The Daily Caller reported that he has had dementia for a while. We do know the local DC pharmacy is delivering Alzheimer drugs to the Capitol every week. He’s probably not the only one with mental limitations. Conyers said through his attorney Friday he will decide what he will do in the next few days.

Three women said he sexually harassed them and one appears to have been paid off with $27,000 of taxpayer money. He denies the charges. Guilty or not, how sad for an 88-year old man to end a long career in a once-esteemed institution in such a way.

His attorney Arnold Reed, who dresses like a Nation of Islam member though we don’t know if he is, said, “We will discuss, in the next day or so, what Mr. Conyers plans to do,” Reed said. “As you know, his health is not the best. It is not what it should be. He has undergone a second round of examinations. I will meet and confer with doctors. It will be (Conyers who decides what he’s going to do) in terms of representing the people.”

Male fondler and groper

On the heels of this and the Al Franken scandal — that everyone ignores as if he’s untouchable despite five complaints — we have a bigger exposé. It just came out that the taxpayers doled out $100,000 in hush money to another corrupt Democrat sleaze who fondled young men in his office against their wishes.

The Congressional Office of Compliance secretly paid close to $100,000 in taxpayer funds to settle sexual harassment claims from at least two young male staffers who worked for disgraced former Congressman Eric Massa, multiple sources with direct knowledge of the matter told ABC News.

Massa left in 2010 and was accused of groping and sexually harassing the young men.

Massa’s settlement was part of the $17 million slush fund that was secretly paid out to settle congressional harassment claims, including sexual harassment complaints.

WHY IS THERE SUCH A SLUSH FUND??? These politicians are disgusting.

This revelation came after news of Conyers’ hush money to one of his alleged victims that taxpayers also paid for.

The Democrat media is putting out the fake news that the sexual harassment scandals in congress are bipartisan. That may happen, but for now they are Democrats.

This next cartoon which appeared in newspapers nationwide is misleading. There are more sleazy Democrats because they don’t believe in morals. For thirty years, they’ve been saying no one can decide another person’s morals – it’s all relative.


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