Sad Day for Democrats as They Rehang Cops as Pigs Painting – Update


Update at the end

You might get dizzy watching the cops as pigs painting taken down, hung up, taken down and hung up once again. Rep. William Lacy Clay (D-MO) rehung the painting Tuesday morning after Rep. Hunter took it down. It was taken down a second time by Rep. Lamborn, but Lacy Clay, a police hater, hung it back up. It is currently hanging in the Capitol hallway. This is who we are now. These are our values as Barack would say.

This is why the Democrats are losing elections and why this will continue if they don’t change. They look pathetic. Especially since two police officers, Master Sgt. Clayton and Deputy First Class Lewis, just died in the line of duty in Orlando.

Orlando police Master Sgt. Debra Clayton, 42 and Deputy First Class Norman Lewis are pictured in the photo.
Orlando police Master Sgt. Debra Clayton, 42 and Deputy First Class Norman Lewis are pictured in the photo.

The Trump administration have some exceptional candidates going before hearings beginning Tuesday as Democrats rehang a cops as pigs painting. They look like a sorry lot.

After Clay rehung the painting, Rep. Hunter responded, “It’s a sad commentary on the Democrat Party that the one thing they’re willing to stand up for in this country is to portray police as pigs.”

The First Amendment is the excuse Democrats are using but they are really intent on offending police and the majority of Americans. They are willfully stirring up hate against police without police having the opportunity to rebut.

Here it is hanging up again.

A petition is on the White House website to have this thing removed. It is easy to do, just click the link, sign and confirm in your email.

After we posted this story, the painting was taken down a third time and once again, Clay and his comrades hung it back up.


Reporters are now staking out the wall for the next person who will take down the painting.

Clay bemoaned the “alt-right media sites” and “some Republican members” who refer to themselves as “constitutional conservatives” who don’t support the “fundamental free speech of my 18-year-old constituent.”

Clay argued the artist’s world view has been shaped by the “animalistic” behavior of police officers, particularly the recent, high-profile cases in which unarmed black males died in confrontations with police.

Meanwhile, Republicans say the painting is against House rules.

Hunter said Tuesday before the painting was rehung: “It doesn’t belong in the U.S. Capitol. It’s that simple. It violates the rules of the art competition. You cannot have offensive things in the competition and this does.”

He said the rules do not allow paintings with “sensationalistic” subjects or those that depict “contemporary political controversy.”

Our previous story can be found on this link.


  1. I have a question for Rep. William Lacy Clay , if you came home one night and someone was in your home stealing your belongings, raping your wife, setting fire to your house or whatever, would you call the police???

  2. Just one more example of why mainstream America is sick of the pathetic, whiney losers that comprise the Democratic party. They have NO values, they cannot even act in a manner which exemplifies their “beliefs” and are totally OUT OF CONTROL! I cannot believe that they allowed Pelosi to remain as minority leader BUT we can assured that with her in control, they will continue to act in the stupid, self serving way they have for years and that is GREAT FOR TRUMP!

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