Corporations Can Now Donate Tons of Money for Obama Inauguration


President Obama’s coronation is coming up so he’s decided to relinquish his moral stance on evil corporate personhood and will allow corporate people to donate tons of money for his gala inauguration.

We do want him to look as regal as possible. We cannot consider using the old Greek columns again. We need new Greek columns, royal carriages, fireworks, outrageously expensive changes of clothing for Michelle and the girls. It must be a public extravaganza, much as William and Kate’s wedding was.

I can’t wait for the photos of Obama with a halo around his head and light streaming from the heavens. His speech deriding the rich, who will donate to this display, and his glorification of the middle class he is killing, will keep me spellbound. I suppose there will be some glorious racial overtones and demonization of Republicans – we can’t spend enough money for that.

This new money-grubbing-from-corporations policy is a reversal of his position from his last inauguration, but accepting tons of money from corporations is convenient now after all.

According to Hot Air Obama raked in more campaign donations from corporations than his opponent in 2008. He even took money from Bain Capital. This campaign was no different.

In 2008, Obama capped inaugural donations at $50,000 and now they can give $250,000. Barack Obama’s 2008 inaugural committee said at the time that “it will accept to $50,000 as part of his continuing pledge to limit the influence of money in government and a signal that Mr. Obama intends to encourage the public to participate in his inaugural.”

Corporations had better donate the max if they want in on the whole crony socialist quid pro quo thingy.

Quid pro quo used to be immoral and it was reviled, but it is now accepted and even expected, now that we are all socialists. Our local Congressman Tim Bishop does it and no one cares.

I hate to pick on Ms. Watson of Detroit who appears in the following video. She wants help for Detroit and boy do they need it with their 18.9% unemployment and twice as many homes as people who need them. Oddly, Ms. Watson doesn’t blame Obama for this lack of prosperity, instead she, and most of Detroit, voted for him because they bought into his promises of payoffs.

The sad thing about what she is saying is that she has become convinced that quid pro quo is acceptable. I believe she represents the common thinking – it’s our way of doing business now. How sad for our country. Detroit needs to solve their own problems. The bigger the government, the more corrupt hands there are in the pie, and the less pie there is for the people. That’s just common sense.

If people weren’t corrupt, we could have big government or better yet, we wouldn’t need much government at all.