Corrupt FBI Agent Strzok Said FBI Didn’t Have to Secure DNC’s Computers

Pete Strzok with Robert Mueller

Rush Limbaugh described the FBI yesterday as “the hellhole that is the FBI”. He said that Senator Dianne Feinstein has made it clear that the investigation is no longer about collusion. It’s about obstruction. If Nancy wins back the House, impeachment will immediately follow. The entire witch hunt has been political and intended to overturn the election. It is aimed at being a “silent coup”, but not until after they discredit the President.

Agent Pete Strzok was sending anti-Trump, pro-Hillary emails around while he was the lead in the Hillary Clinton and Russia probe investigations, Rush said as he summarized Strzok’s role on his radio show Monday. Pete Strzok was the one who said the DNC did not have to turn over their computers and they did not have to be examined. He was the one who interviewed Hillary Clinton and he is the one who changed the allegations against Hillary Clinton from “grossly negligent” to “extremely careless”.

Strzok is the person who came up with the idea of not finding “intent” in Hillary’s actions.

Strzok’s office is the one that received and handled all attempts at verifying the anti-Trump dossier. His office might have offered to pay for the dossier and it is his office that sought the FISA warrant launching the fake Russia-Trump collusion probe.

This guy’s deputy director was Andrew McCabe whose wife took 40% of her campaign funds from Hillary Clinton donors after being encouraged to run by Hillary’s donor and friend, former Governor of Virginia Terry McAuliffe, a very sketchy guy.

This corrupt agent also interviewed Ret. Lt. Gen. Flynn and caught him in lies. Flynn had no idea it was an interview and did not bring his lawyer.

The corrupt agent is now sitting in HR after having been demoted in July. Robert Mueller kept that information hidden from Congress and it was uncovered recently thanks. to a whistleblower.

The ruling deep state knew there was no collusion. It was whipped up the day after Hillary lost the election. They can’t find collusion so they’ve concocted a process crime of collusion that doesn’t exist and only grew out of an investigation that never should have been undertaken to start. This is the power of the deep state trying to overthrow a duly-elected administration.


  1. I don’t believe anyone has done a thorough analysis of the dossier and someone should. It is filled with self-contradictions.

    It should also be noted that Steele is referred to as a “former spy”. This isn’t really an accurate term. If Steele would uncover such evidence it would have been also given to PM May, along with the US Intelligence community. One should also realize there is also a “swamp” in the UK. The series “Yes, Minister” gave indications how far reaching it could be.

    It may have been the case that when Trump made his remarks about Russia and the 30,000 emails that prompted those in the Obama administration to “consider” beginning the narrative on the Logan Act. It was at that point many were bringing this up. This has been the the charge against Flynn and his meeting with the Russian Ambassador. This is flawed on every level. First, the sanctions wasn’t about counteracting current policy but ONLY asking for no retaliation. In other words it was IN SUPPORT of that current policy. In the matter of Israel, this too, is flawed. It was NOT a resolution put forth by the US and the administration admitted as such. The last flaw is Trump being a private citizen wasn’t allowed to even speak to the Russians. As we have learned the State Department gave clearance and even offered to help the incoming Trump administration in their efforts.

    So Why In Hell are we even here. The Mueller investigation was SUPPOSE to be about “counterintelligence” so why is Mueller wanting records from a German bank that is a decade old. It cannot even be about “obstruction of justice”. Trey Gowdy has said he read ALL the Comey memos and they would be evidence FOR THE DEFENSE. Yet Gowdy says Mueller should continue. WHAT??? What the hell are they doing there in D.C.

    It’s about time to do as the founding fathers envisioned. Tear down the entire structure and start all over again.

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