Corrupting the Immigration Bill Further with Handwritten Changes



A senate aide told that Reid, the Gang of Eight [gang being the operative word], and other Republicans are making last minute, handwritten changes to force this immigration bill through on Monday.

The senate hasn’t even received the changes yet and they will still vote on the bill they have not had time to read or analyze. It’s Obamacare Revisited.

The aide said “There are handwritten changes into the bill that have not been distributed to offices. This is a pretty shameful process that we expect from Democrats, but not from people on our own side.”

One clause of note in the bill which was uncovered on Friday is that it allows amnesty for people in the future who overstay their visas.

This is insane to any of us who believe in our country’s sovereignty.

It’s not just the Democrats, establishment Republicans are betraying us as well. They are not looking out for the people.

Go to Breitbart and read some of the handwritten changes. They are not even legible.