Uh Oh Hillary! Off to Jail She Goes



Human appears to be very upset on the plane yesterday after the news broke of the FBI re-opening the investigation.
Huma appears to be very upset on the plane yesterday after the news broke of the FBI re-opening the investigation.

Someone might soon pay the price for the illegal acts of Hillary Clinton and it could be Clinton or, in the tradition of the Clintons, it might be someone else like Huma Abedin who could be landing on the proverbial sword.

The FBI knew about Huma Abedin’s breaches or potential breaches of security two months ago but they decided to re-open the case now. Why?

WND reported the Abedin breach two months ago but it is only now that the director has decided to re-open the case.

It’s not as a result of the incorrect reports that Assange was going to make an announcement next week that could put Hillary in prison. Sean Hannity and The Gateway Pundit had announced that Julian Assange was going to release something next week that could put Hillary in prison. Hannity announced on his show last night that was not true. The report came from a video posted some time ago.

The DoJ also stated that it was not as a result of Wikileaks.

What cause the change? It wasn’t because FBI Director Jim Comey found out about the Abedin breaches two days ago.

An email among the 510 pages of documents released by Judicial Watch in September, and reported by WND, showed that Clinton forwarded an Aug. 8, 2009 email – clearly marked “Classified” – to a personal, nonsecure email address registered to aide Huma Abedin, huma@clintonemail.com. Abedin then forwarded the message to another personal, nonsecure account, humamabedin@yahoo.com.


When Clinton testified before Congress, she claimed that “There was nothing marked classified on my emails, either sent or received.” It wasn’t only Hillary lying about sending classified documents.

There were over a hundred emails that were heavily redacted and sent by Abedin to personal addresses in her name. Reports are now saying the FBI is looking at thousands of new emails.

There are other discrepancies.

FBI Director Comey said he only learned of the breach Thursday.

In the interview notes released by the FBI, it was clear Abedin’s devices needed to be confiscated.

Abedin routinely emailed from the Clinton email address and she may have kept emails Clinton didn’t according to a Clinton aide, as reported in the FBI notes. In other words, she kept classified documents at home. One recently released Wikileaks email indicated that the missing 33,000 emails may still exist. Shouldn’t the FBI be confiscating all the devices of all those involved in the email scandal?

We know Abedin lies and that she lied to the federal agents who interviewed her concerning Hillary’s basement email server. In her April 2016 interview with the FBI, Abedin contended that she “did not know that Clinton had a private server until about a year and a half ago, when it became public knowledge.” However, her email was huma@clintonemail.com and she was the only State employee who was hosted on Hillary’s server.

In addition, she exchanged emails with the IT person about the personal server but conveniently couldn’t remember when questioned by the FBI.

It is not only Abedin. There are lawyers, one of whom allegedly had the drive with the 33,000 emails, key adviser Sidney Blumenthal, a number of aides and techs who were given immunity, who all had access to Hillary’s emails. Why weren’t all their devices confiscated?

One might have thought they did grab the devices from these people but we just don’t know about it, however they only took Abedin’s when they investigated her perv husband.

Some are now saying that Director Comey was facing a rebellion in the department and agents planned to come forward if he didn’t do something. That doesn’t seem like a stretch since most Americans now believe the FBI is corrupted.

The Daily Caller, citing anonymous sources, said Comey stood in the way of the investigation.

“We didn’t search their house. We always search the house. The search should not just have been for private electronics, which contained classified material, but even for printouts of such material,” the source said.

“There should have been a complete search of their residence,” the agent pointed out. “That the FBI did not seize devices is unbelievable. The FBI even seizes devices that have been set on fire.”

Unless this is another distraction or fake investigation, Hillary is in trouble and Huma is the one who could be left bearing the punishment.

The DoJ needs to appoint a special prosecutor – a non-partisan one.

Are we still a Constitutional Republic? We will find out soon.

One thing is for certain, if many of us knew about the breaches by Abedin two months ago, the FBI certainly knew.

Bill O’Reilly said he spoke with a very, very influential FBI agent who told him Comey is re-opening the case because Comey knows he has lost all credibility within the department and there is “almost a mutiny”. He had no choice but to take action of the agents would come out with the truth of how he handled the investigation.


  1. It’s a shame that this conspiracy cover every office of this Government from POTUS,FBI,DOJ,Clinton,her aides just so much corruption going on it makes me wonder just where this country is going to be in another 8-10yrs,Will we as a country ever hold our heads high or be known as the greatest nation in this world,I am so afraid that the few power hungry rich will end up taking this great nation and devastate it’s resources,it’s riches and most of all it’s people into oblivion.We as a people must not let this happen at any cost whether it be through our voting system or someone to come up from the ashes of our destruction and save this great country before we become so desolate that we will perish in our own greed and the rich desire to control the very being of our souls may God have mercy on us.

  2. You know I don’t like Ms. Rodham. I looked over the emails you posted above and I don’t see the “classified” wording.

    I see some conflicting stuff saying classified (2015) and unclassified at top and bottom but no dates.

    I see “Confidential”. Does that make it “classified”?

    What am I missing? Thanks.

    • Hi Terry

      It’s a fair question -I only put the one chain and it was declassified only this past August. Other emails with Abedin’s other addresses are heavily redacted which means they are still too sensitive for the public.

      All work emails to and from the secretary are considered potentially classified or at least they were before Hillary and Obama.

      The reports out today are that the FBI is looking at thousands of Huma’s emails.

      We’ll see but the fact remains that they should have collected her devices, Mills, Blumenthal’s et al.

      I have a friend whose son was picked up in a major narcotics sting. All he did was sell plastic bottles on the Internet but the dealers liked one of his bottles and it was found in their lab. It was a sweep.

      In the Clinton case, the FBI let them destroy evidence and gave them immunity without getting anything in return. Very unusual.

      Months ago, all this was clear as was the fact Abedin was conducting business from several computers at home. It was also clear from the FBI interviews that she had taken over much of the security from the ‘often confused’ Hillary.

      Maybe there is an explanation but this all seems to have been knowledge Comey had for months.

      I don’t know if this answers your question adequately and I understand there could be new information that will make Comey look less political.

    • I should also have included the fact that the attachments were heavily redacted and one was marked “PAGE DENIED”.

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