Corzine’s Ravaging of the Farmlands




Farmers have endured the plague, locusts, drought, tornadoes, and floods, but now they have to endure the ravages of Corzine. They are probably wishing he stayed in NJ and finished his decimation of that state’s finances.

The long arm of Corzine is reaching from MF Global into U.S. farm seed and land deals. Corzine’s MF Global took money illegally from client accounts as he purchased European debt when all the signs pointed to a euro collapse.

Now, farmers whose money is locked up or gone because their brokers invested in MF Global, find they can’t buy seed while other farmers buy up the best seed. Farmers have yet to receive of their money from the bankrupt company. Some farmers cannot buy land or purchase equipment.

One farmer said, “That’s pretty serious when you’re raising food for the country and the world.” Farmers are one group of thousands so affected. Read more here: MF Global Fallout

MF Global cannot find at least $1.2 billion in funds that it had taken out of client accounts illegally under Corzine’s reign of terror.

Obama and Biden campaigned for Corzine during his flailing bid for re-elections as Governor of NJ and Obama even sent a key advisor, Joel Benenson, to shore it up. He joined Corzine in one of his slogans, Obama & Corzine, One Voice.

The following video clip is a good descriptor –